THE TOP 15 things to do in Side | attractions and activities
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THE TOP 15 things to do in Side | attractions and activities

THE TOP 15 things to do in Side | attractions and activities

Here are my top 15 things to do and see in Side that make the city a popular travel destination:

Side Ancient City: Explore the fascinating ruins of the ancient city, including the Ancient Theater, the Temple of Apollo and the Agora.

Side Museum: Visit the Archaeological Museum which features an impressive collection of artifacts from the region. 

Side Harbour: Stroll along the charming harbour, watch the fishing boats and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean. 

Side Beach: Relax on the beautiful sandy beaches of Side and enjoy the clear blue waters.

Manavgat Waterfall: Take a trip to the imposing Manavgat Waterfall where you can enjoy the natural beauty and the sound of the water.

Aspendos Theatre: Visit the well-preserved ancient theater of Aspendos, famous for its acoustic properties.

Boat tour along the coast: Take a boat tour along the coast of Side, where you can explore different bays, swim and snorkel.

Side Agora: Visit the ancient trading center of Side and marvel at the ruins of columns, buildings and baths.

Diving: Discover the fascinating underwater world of the Mediterranean and take part in a diving excursion.

Side Museum of Ancient Art: Admire the impressive collection of ancient sculptures and artifacts at the Museum of Ancient Art. 

Side Apollo Temple: Visit the Temple of Apollo, one of the most famous attractions in Side. 

Side Hamam: Treat yourself to a relaxing hammam treatment and enjoy traditional Turkish bathing culture.

Boat Tour on Manavgat River: Take a boat trip on Manavgat River and experience the scenic landscape and wildlife.

Side Promenade: Stroll along Side's promenade lined with restaurants, bars and shops and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

Perge: Take a trip to the ancient city of Perga where you can explore impressive ruins such as the theatre, the stadium and the nymphaeum.

These activities offer a mix of cultural, historical and natural experiences to ensure visitors have a memorable time in Side and are able to experience the area's beauty and history.