THE TOP 15 things to do in Belek | attractions and activities
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THE TOP 15 things to do in Belek | attractions and activities

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THE TOP 15 things to do in Belek | attractions and activities

Here are my top 15 things to do, attractions and activities in Belek:

  1. Antalya Land of Legends Theme Park: An impressive theme park with exciting rides, water parks and entertainment shows for the whole family.

  2. The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue: A premier shopping street with a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

  3. Kursunlu Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall surrounded by lush nature. Perfect for walks and photo opportunities.

  4. Troy Aqua Park & Dolphinarium: A great water park with numerous slides and pools as well as a Dolphinarium where you can experience dolphin shows.

  5. Aspendos: A well-preserved ancient Roman city with an impressive amphitheater that is regularly used for concerts and performances.

  6. Belek Beach Park: A beautiful beach park, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. There are also various water sports activities.

  7. The Land of Legends Theme Park Hotel: A luxurious resort hotel with direct access to the Land of Legends Theme Park. Perfect for an unforgettable family holiday.

  8. Perge: Another ancient Roman city with well-preserved ruins including an impressive theatre, stadium and colonnaded streets.

  9. Belek Mosque: A beautiful mosque in the heart of Belek, worth visiting to admire the architectural beauty.

  10. Belek Golf Courses: Belek is known for its first class golf courses. Golf enthusiasts can put their skills to the test on several challenging courses.

  11. Roman Aqueducts: An impressive Roman aqueduct that meanders through the Belek countryside. It provides a great backdrop for photography and walking.

  12. Köprülü Canyon National Park: A stunning national park ideal for activities such as rafting, hiking and camping. The picturesque nature is simply fascinating.

  13. Turkish Bath: Indulge in a traditional Turkish hammam experience and pamper your body and mind with massages and steam baths.

  14. Belek Marina: A picturesque marina that offers various leisure activities such as boat trips, fishing and water sports.

  15. Belek Outdoor Sports: Enjoy outdoor activities such as quad biking, horseback riding or 4x4 safaris to explore the natural beauty of the area and have a to experience an adrenaline rush.

Belek offers a wide range of activities and attractions for travelers of all ages and tastes. Whether you are looking for culture, adventure or relaxation, you will definitely find it in Belek.