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Big Sale today, all for free-Shopping in Turkey

Big Sale today, all for free-Shopping in Turkey

Big Sale today, all for free-Shopping in Turkey

Big Sale today, all for free-Shopping in Turkey

Clothing and souvenirs are among the best-selling souvenirs from Turkey. You too want to buy something, but don't know how and where.

Spontaneously make your way to the shopping mile, where the shops line up side by side. Countless retailers offer everything from underwear to shoes to sweaters. Accessories such as handbags, purses or backpacks can also be found in abundance. The selection is huge.

If you intend to go for a quiet window shopping in the shopping street, then you are wrong. Because in front of every shop there is a seller who will speak to you and try to pull you into his shop with sayings like "Hello my friend, today is my birthday, I am making you a great offer ...". If it is not in the first, you will be drawn into the second or third business at the latest.

What to do when you land in a shop

Just start to bagain. Because bargain is allowed and even desired.

Even if there is now a fixed price or fixed price on many stands. The "fixed price" falls at the latest when you take a second or third piece. The extent to which you still want to trade small items for one euro is up to you. For some people it can be stupid to haggle over cents. Others will certainly see haggling from a sporting perspective.

Bargaining is not a rocket science:

  •     Take your time in trading and do not give the impression that you absolutely need a product!
  •     A trader's willingness to give you a discount increases the more non-binding you appear. So you should train your poker face before visiting the market.
  •     Be kind, not arrogant!
  •     10 to 30% can be taken out, depending on the negotiation skills.
  •     Çok pahalı (Is too expensive) sometimes works wonders, a few more chunks of Turkish certainly do no harm
  •     If no bargaining doesn't really helps, say goodbye and move on. Sometimes that's a reason why the seller is going after you and is giving an additional discount.

Brands and authenticity

In the shops you will find well-known brands. However, you can strongly assume that the vast majority are imitation articles. The quality of workmanship is not the usual standard, especially on seams or buckles. But what should you expect from a Gucci handbag for 20-30 € if it costs over $500 at home.

If you need more tips on doing business:

For the list of the recommended shops (textile wholesalers), where you can purchase quality goods at reasonable prices, please click here.

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