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Preventive check-up and medical treatment in Turkey

Preventive check-up and medical treatment in Turkey

Preventive check-up and medical treatment in Turkey

Preventive check-up and medical treatment in Turkey

Turkey is now one of the world's leading and authoritative destinations for medical tourism. In addition to high-quality facilities and internationally accredited, certified doctors and hospitals, Turkey offers a world-class accommodation and travel experience.

As Turkey gradually became a major destination for medical tourism, friends and acquaintances from abroad began to ask me which doctor or hospital I could recommend for them, or if I could put together multi-day vacation packages with any medical treatments. As an industry expert and professional tourism expert, I felt compelled to act and therefore began to research medical tourism in Turkey myself and to collect my own experiences, which I have now briefly summarized here on this page.

So, the following reasons have prompted Turkey to become one of the world's leading medical tourism destinations.

1. Inadequate or non-existent high-tech health services and professional professionals in the country,

2. The desire to have medical treatment and vacation at the same time,

3. Too expensive health services in one's own country,

4. The desire to receive health services of a much higher quality,

5. To carry out the treatments abroad for private or confidentiality reasons (e.g. aesthetic surgery, infertility treatment)

6. Treatment and therapy in regions with a pleasant climate (e.g. thermal therapy, therapy for rheumatic complaints),

Reasonable prices with international standards for medical treatment in Turkey

Are the prices for medical treatment in Turkey reasonable

Medical care prices in Turkey are very competitive compared to worldwide medical facilities with equivalent standards.

Based on the data comparison from “www.treatment.com”, the average medical costs in Turkey are 60-65% lower than those in Western Europe, for example.

First class quality, latest technologies and treatment techniques in Turkey

First class quality, latest technologies and treatment techniques in Turkey

Turkey boasts more than 40 medical institutions accredited by the Joint Commission International. This is the largest number of accreditations a country has ever achieved.

Some hospitals are affiliated with top American medical providers such as Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Hospitals specializing in medical tourism in Turkey are equipped with the latest medical technologies and have a certified staff, with more than 35% of doctors trained in western countries.

With the highest number of JCI accredited health facilities, medical tourists in Turkey are offered quality infrastructure and services in these hospitals and their medical staff.

Medical check-up

Medical check-ups are important because they help identify potential health problems early when they are often more easily treatable. By detecting health problems early, health screenings can prevent more serious problems and help keep you in good health.

In addition, regular medical check-ups can help build a relationship with a healthcare provider who can provide you with ongoing support and advice to maintain your health. This can be especially helpful for people who have chronic health problems or are at increased risk of developing certain health problems.

Overall, regular checkups are an important part of staying healthy and should be a priority for everyone.

What kind of medical check-up should one have?

Doctor Check Up, Health in Turkey

There are many different types of medical exams that may be recommended based on a person's age, gender, medical history, and other factors. Some common types of medical exams are:

General health exams: These exams usually include a physical exam, measurements of height, weight, and blood pressure, and a review of medical history and current symptoms.
Age and gender-specific checkups: These checkups address the specific health needs of different age groups and genders. For example, women may be recommended to have regular mammograms and Pap smears to screen for breast and cervical cancer, while men may be recommended to undergo prostate screening.
Risk-Based Screenings: These screenings are recommended for people who are at increased risk of developing certain health conditions based on factors such as family history, lifestyle, and medical history. For example, people with a family history of heart disease may be advised to have regular cholesterol and blood pressure checks.
Check-ups: These check-ups are designed to prevent the development of certain health problems. For example, people may be advised to get vaccinated regularly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Which check-up is best for you ultimately depends on your individual needs and circumstances. It's important to discuss your options with a healthcare provider to determine the best course of action.

Why Medical Checkup in Turkey?

It has been proven that more and more tourists are getting medical check-ups during their vacations in Turkey because the prices and service quality for medical check-ups are better and cheaper compared to countries in Western Europe and Middle East.

What do I have to consider before a medical check-up?

Instructions for preparing for the health check

- Make sure you haven't eaten anything 8 hours before your arrangement

- Make sure you have not had any alcoholic beverages and red meat prior to your arrangement

- If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please contact your doctor.

- Please do not take any medication containing iron or vitamin C.

- Please do not eat foods such as red meat, liquorice, beetroot, spinach, Swiss chard, radish and broccoli

- For women, it is recommended not to perform checks during menstruation.

- It would be ideal if, in addition to your tests and exams (if any)

How much does a medical check-up in Turkey cost?

Types of medical examinations

Prices for medical examinations in Turkey

Under 40 / Check-up for men 380,00 $
Under 40 / Check-up for women 370,00 $
Above 40 / Check-up for men 450,00 $
Above 40 / Check-up for women 490,00 $
Check-up / For kids 180,00 $
Check-up / Basic 120,00 $
Check-up / General (Standard) 325,00 $
Check-up / VIP / For men 810,00 $
Check-up / VIP / For women 810,00 $


So, if you are interested in a preventive medical check-up in Turkey, I can recommend .........

Where and how can I find the best hospital in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey

Nonetheless, I hope no one needs medical treatment or a doctor, but once that undesirable time comes, people want to be treated in the best hospital and doctor.

Finding the best hospital or doctor in Turkey can be a difficult task as there are many different factors to consider. Some of the most important things to look for when choosing a hospital in Turkey are the quality of the care provided, the hospital's reputation, and the availability of specialized treatment options. In addition, it can be helpful to look for hospitals that have been accredited by international organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI). It can also be helpful to ask friends, family, or your doctor for recommendations. Ultimately, the best hospital for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

In order to help those interested in finding the right hospital or doctor a little, I have listed the hospitals or doctors I know with the best references in the most important holiday regions and cities in Turkey.


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    Why is healthcare so cheap in Turkey?

    • Replied by Admin| 27.06.2023

      Turkey is the 6th most preferred tourism destination worldwide. As of 2022, more than 1 million tourists visited Turkey only to receive health services, and this number is increasing exponentially every day. The most important of the main reasons for this is that the quality is extremely good and the prices are quite affordable compared to Europe and the USA. The main reason why health services are so affordable in Turkey is the exchange rate differences and the wide and accessible health network. Istanbul is the most popular destination in Europe for hair transplant services and Antalya for dental treatments. Health centers, dentists, hospitals performing aesthetic surgery etc. in Turkey. All of them are approved and regularly audited by national and international accredited institutions. It will be a very accurate choice for you to coincide with your health services related work with your holiday. If you wish, you can review the health institutions we work with from this link.

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    My treatment for pet scanner went very well, thank you for the support and to the whole team of Anadolu hospital in Antalya. 

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    I wish I could give them 7 stars or more. I really do. They exceeded my expectations. There’s no other word than “excellence” to describe them. Considering the results, fantastic clinic witch undercuts any other clinic in the Uk, Poland, Hungary or in another country by at least 60%. Bravo.

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