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Best dental treatment and dental clinics in Istanbul

Best dental treatment and dental clinics in Istanbul

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Best dental treatment and dental clinics in Istanbul

Istanbul has become one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world for several reasons.

First, Istanbul is home to a high density of qualified and experienced dentists, most of whom are educated at top universities in Turkey, Europe and the United States. So you can be assured of receiving quality care from professionals who are familiar with the latest techniques and technology.

Combine dental treatments with tours and other activities

Istanbul is a beautiful and fascinating city with a rich history and many opportunities for sightseeing and cultural experiences. In addition to dental treatment, here you can visit attractions such as Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower and Maiden's Tower, explore the city's bustling markets and bazaars, and enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine.

Geographically, Istanbul is also very convenient. making it very easy to reach Istanbul from many parts of the world, be it by air or land.

Many dental clinics in Istanbul offer packages that combine dental treatments with tours and other activities, making travel planning easier. These packages typically include accommodation, transportation, and other services so you can receive your dental care while exploring the city.

The city is an important center for healthcare in Turkey and also houses state-of-the-art dental clinics equipped with the latest technologies and techniques. This means that you can receive advanced and very comprehensive treatments in a modern and comfortable environment.

All in all, Istanbul is an ideal destination for those who want to combine dental treatment with a vacation in a beautiful and interesting city.

Favorable price-performance ratio

Dental treatment prices in Turkey (Non-binding average prices)

Type of dental treatment Prices for dental treatments Duration Overnight stays
Combination teeth whitening 350.00 € 3 hours No need
Composite filling 120.00 € 1-2 hours No need
Root canal treatment 150.00 € 2-3 hours No need
Laser Gum Counting 300.00 € 2 hours No need
Soft Night Guard Plastic 120.00 € 2 hours No need
Hard Night Guard Plastic 200.00 € 1 day No need
Brush your teeth 100.00 € 3 hours No need
Deep Teeth Cleaning 100.00 € 4 hours No need
Complicated tooth extraction 100.00 € 1 hour No need
Surgery on wisdom tooth 200.00 € 1 hour No need
Surgery on wisdom tooth 300.00 € 1 hour No need
Emax crown 360.00 € 3 visit 5 days
Monolithic Zirconia 180.00 € 3 visit 5 days
Zirconia Emax 290.00 € 3 visit 5 days
Laminated Veneers 400.00 € 3 visit 7 days
Inley-Onley Emax (Cad-Cam) 300.00 € 1 day No need
Dental implants
Straumann Implant 900.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Nobel Biocare Implant 850.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Bego Implant 750.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Nobel Alpha Bio Implant 700.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Hiossen Implant 650.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Medigma Strauman Group Implant 650.00 € 2 visits in 3 months No first visit required — 5 days for the second visit
Full Mouth Implant Packages
All on 6 Bredent German Implant 6,900.00 € 1. Visit 5 & 2nd visit 7 days All Inclusive (All transfers - 5 star accommodation at Radisson Blu Vadistanbul, 6 (pieces) Bredent implant - Temporary crowns - Porcelain crowns)
All Inclusive (All on 4 Nobel Swiss Implant) 6,500.00 € 1. Visit 5 & 2nd visit 7 days All Inclusive (4 (pieces) Nobel implant - temporary crowns - porcelain crowns - all transfers - 5-star accommodation at Radisson Blu Vadistanbul)
Smile Makeover Packages
Standard Hollywood Smile Package 6,000.00 € 7 days All Inclusive (All Transfers – 5 Star Radisson Blu Vadistanbul Accommodation 10 × 2 (20 pieces) Premium Zirconia supported by Emax)
Premium Hollywood Smile Package 7,500.00 € 7 days All Inclusive (All Transfers – 5 Star Radisson Blu Vadistanbul Accommodation 10 × 2 (20 pieces) Premium Emax Laminated Porcelain Veneers)

Dental treatment in Istanbul is generally cheaper than in Europe or other Western countries, so you can save money on dental treatment during your vacation. This is very attractive if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to dental treatment in your home country.

My recommendation

If you are looking for a qualified dentist and a modern and high quality dental clinic in Istanbul where you can get dental care and treatment at affordable prices, I would definitely recommend you to take a look at Turkeyana Clinic.


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  1. Posted by Aaron Birch| 28.06.2023|

    To be honest, the price difference between UK and Turkey concerns me a bit. Why is dental treatment and implants so cheap in Turkey? If I decide to have my treatment done, should I only have it done in Istanbul? What is the advantage of having dental treatment or implants done in Istanbul compared to other regions?

    • Replied by Admin| 28.06.2023

      Hello Aaron, thank you for reaching us. There are a few reasons why dental treatment and implants may be cheaper in Turkey compared to other countries. Turkey has a lower cost of living compared to some other countries, which may make it more affordable for dental practices to operate and offer lower prices to patients. Also, there may be a higher level of competition among dental practices in Turkey, which could lead to lower prices for patients. And the government have policies in place that affect the cost of dental care, such as price controls or negotiations with dental supply companies.

      Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is known for its medical tourism industry, which includes dental tourism. As a result, there may be a wider range of dental practices and specialists available in Istanbul compared to other regions. This can give patients more options to choose from and potentially find a practice that best meets their needs and preferences.

      Additionally, Istanbul is a major transportation hub with multiple airports, making it easily accessible for patients from both within Turkey and abroad. The city is also home to many hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, which can make the experience of having dental treatment more enjoyable for patients who are traveling for the procedure.

  2. Posted by Emilio.S| 20.06.2023|

    Thanks to the staff of Turkeyana for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. I Love my new smile!! And I can highly recommend the combination of the stay in the city and dental treatment in Istanbul.

  3. Posted by Lucas| 23.05.2023|

    I have concerns about the language barrier. I am afraid that dentists or assistants cannot understand my concerns properly. And I think that may be cause some implications and false treatments.

    • Replied by Admin| 23.05.2023

      Hello Lucas,

      Thank you for reaching us and sincerely addressing your concerns. We are currently working with Turkeyana Clinic for dental treatments in Istanbul and they have a great team. They are experts not only in their field, but also in customer satisfaction and customer service. If you would like your treatment to be completed by Turkeyana Clinic, we would like to assure you that there is nothing to worry about the language barrier. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us or Turkeyana via the links above.

  4. Posted by Vasily | 11.05.2023|

    Wo in der Türkei die Zähne machen lassen. Istanbul oder Antalya? Dankeschön

    • Replied by InsiderClub| 11.05.2023

      Hallo Vasily,

      Es kommt darauf an, ob Sie Ihre Zahnbehandlung während des Urlaubs machen lassen oder extra nur für die Zahnbehandlung in die Türkei einreisen möchten. Beides können Sie mit einer Zahnbehandlung verbinden. Sowohl in Istanbul als auch in Antalya befinden sich zahlreiche, seriöse Zahnkliniken, die wir als Empfehlungen aufgelistet haben. Detailliertere Infos können wir Ihnen per DM zukommen lassen. 

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