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Istanbul Airport (IST)

About Dalaman Airport

ATM Airport Construction and Management, Inc. is a joint-stock company established by three companies, namely YDA-TURKUAZ.

YDA Group Companies has carried out many construction projects since its establishment and celebrated the 30th anniversary with the ATM International Terminal.

Turkuaz Group Companies is a Turkish company established 10 years ago by Turkish businessmen in the city of Almati, Kazakhstan and has realized great projects. Dalaman Airport ATM International Terminal Project, an investment of about 150,000,000 USD, is one of the most important projects in this industry. Dalaman Airport, thanks to this new terminal with a capacity of 10,000,000 passengers that will meet the needs of the region, which includes the main tourist spots on the Turkish Riviera, i.e. Datça, Marmaris, Gocek, Dalyan, Sarıgerme, Fethiye, Oludeniz, Kalkan and Kaş, has reached a level where the increasing number of planes and passengers in the region can easily operate in a country like Turkey, which has tourism growth above world standards.

Passenger information

"Flight Information Monitors" that provide detailed information about flights to/from the terminal are posted at many locations in the ATM Dalaman International Terminal. There is an information desk in both the Arrivals and Departures halls of the terminal, which aims to inform passengers and visitors, answer their questions and find solutions to their problems.

The announcements in the terminal are made in four languages, taking into account the different nationalities of the passengers. In addition, there are terminal officers in the ATM Dalaman International Terminal who guide the passengers at the gate and in the sections before the arrival passport checkpoints and help the passengers with any problems that may arise.

First aid

Caria Clinic, a subsidiary of Caria Hospital, offers 24-hour general and emergency medical services in the terminal. Doctors, nurses and other support units work continuously in the first aid center in the terminal and a fully equipped ambulance is waiting 24 hours in the terminal in case it is necessary to take the patients to the nearest health center in the best conditions.

For every emergency, all measures have been taken to move the first-aid teams to the scene of the emergency in the shortest possible time and to provide medical assistance.

Parking spot

There is a parking lot in the ATM International Terminal of Dalaman Airport suitable for parking buses, minibuses and cars with a capacity of 550 vehicles. The parking lot is right in front of the terminal and parking lot security is constantly monitored. In 2007, the "Park Café" was opened for passengers and those waiting to park their vehicles in the parking lot.


The security systems, which have been established taking into account national and international standards, regulations and recommendations, ensure the safety of passengers and aircraft using Dalaman Airport ATM International Terminal. Under this cover; X-ray and metal detectors at the terminal's entrances and departure gates, Automatic Explosives Detection System (EDS) integrated with the baggage handling system, CCTV system capable of monitoring every inch of the terminal, and BRS system enabling passenger baggage matching , all designed using the latest cutting-edge technologies around the world.

These established systems are under the control and operation of police and special security teams, who receive constant refresher training.


Baggage trolleys of international standard will be set up in front of the passenger entrance gate, baggage reception halls and parking lot of ATM Dalaman International Terminal.
The luggage trolley usage fee is set at 1 EURO.

Baby care rooms

Placed at different points of the terminal, the baby care rooms are organized in such a way that parents can easily meet all the needs of their babies.

Prayer rooms

Our prayer rooms, separated for ladies and gentlemen with wide and comfortable usage areas including ritual ablutions, are located on the arriving passenger level and are available to our passengers at any time of the day. .


There are a sufficient number of public payphones in easily accessible locations in all passenger areas. These phones all work with debit cards, credit cards and BT-British Telecom phone cards, which are sold throughout the terminal.


Dalaman Airport International ATM Terminal WI-FI internet service is provided by Koç-Net, one of Turkey's largest telecom operators. The WI-FI network aims to cover all passenger areas while passengers can easily access the Internet anywhere in the terminal. The WI-FI cards required for access can be purchased from various retail outlets in the terminal.

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