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Istanbul Airport (IST)

Izmir Airport (Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport)

Airport Code: ADB

Airport Izmir-General Aviation Terminal

Izmir's gateway to the world, the General Aviation Terminal offers passengers comfort as well as speed and safety during their journey. The General Aviation Terminal welcomes passengers travelling on business aircraft as well as boutique airline passengers upon request.

Upon request, our friendly staff can meet and greet our guests wishing to use the lounge at the General Aviation Terminal, depending on their departure or arrival destination on their flight or at the terminal entrance, at security, passport and customs checks, and escort them into the lounge and complete all processing without waiting.

Passengers departing from the General Aviation Terminal can save a lot of time, follow the developments in the world with the television broadcast in the lounge and benefit from the buffet offers while using the wireless internet to continue their work. These privileged services allow passengers to enjoy a stress-free journey in a comfortable environment before and after their trip.

World-renowned in the fields of business, politics, economy, culture and sports; The General Aviation Terminal, preferred by people entering İzmir for the first time, offers passengers a privileged travel opportunity with all the facilities it has to offer.

Click to view the map of the General Aviation Terminal.

Address: Adnan Menderes Airport General Aviation Terminal Gaziemir/İzmir/Turkey.
Tel: +90 232 455 00 00 / 4689

Departure Terminal
Passengers with disabilities/restricted mobility and specialised passengers

Passengers with disabilities/reduced mobility will be assisted by the airline, ground handling and/or the relevant medical team, provided that our passengers inform the airline before the flight.

Special passengers

- Accompanied baby and child passenger
- Baby passenger
- Unaccompanied Child Passenger
- Pregnant passenger
- Sick and disabled passenger

For passengers meeting this definition, travel procedures and required documentation may vary for each airline. Wheelchair service is provided by airlines and ground handling companies. For detailed information, it is recommended to contact the airline to which the flight is operated.

Passengers with disabilities

Services offered at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility;

- Special parking areas in multi-storey car parks where disabled passengers park their cars,
- "disabled toilets" suitable for disabled passengers,
- recreational areas for disabled passengers in the terminal,
- guidance and warning areas for the visually impaired,
- Assistance totems with telephones located at terminal entrances and set up to better serve disabled passengers.
- wheelchair service at international and international terminals (available from airlines),
- Braille-lettered location definitions and logos for the visually impaired on lifts, toilets and auxiliary totems
- Handholds for disabled passengers
- Interviewing of disabled passengers Telephones,
- Escalators, moving staircases and other stairways suitable for disabled passengers,
- Specially trained support staff,
- Directions within the terminal for visually impaired passengers
- Check-in areas for disabled passengers
- Special stops for disabled passengers at the entrances of the terminal buildings
- Terminal building maps in Braille alphabet to assist the visually impaired,
- Information desks and passport areas accessible to disabled passengers
- Guidance line and warning surfaces installed up to bus stops and İZBAN station.
- Highlighted glass areas for passengers with limited vision,
- Ramps adapted for the disabled,
- Voice lifts giving floor information for disabled passengers.

Baby care room

For our guests who want to breastfeed and change nappies at our terminals, İç We have a total of 29 baby care rooms, 16 on the lines and 13 on the international lines.

Baby Care Rooms Location information:

6 units Departure Passenger Level in the airside gate area.

Within 2 THY CIPs

2 pieces Departure Passenger Level landside check-in hall; next to it

1 piece landside arriving passenger floor Receptionist waiting hall; next to it

2 pieces Arrival passenger floor airside baggage claim next to

3 pieces Arriving passengers mezzanine airside When you get off the plane, the bridge

1 piece arriving passenger mezzanine landside behind the food court

International Baby Care Rooms location information:

2 pieces Departure passenger level in the airside gate area.

2 airside of the Departure Passenger Level Opposite the duty-free area in front of the gate

1 airside in the remote flights gate area

2 pieces Departure passenger level landside check-in hall; next to it

2 pieces landside arriving passenger floor waiting hall for receptionists; next to it

2 units Arrival passenger floor airside baggage claim next to

2 pieces Arriving passenger floor, airside, waiting hall for passports; next to it

There is a nursing chair and a baby changing unit in our baby rooms.

Travel information for families

Airlines are obliged to take care of unaccompanied children. Airlines accompany your child throughout the journey and ensure their safety throughout the journey. Our departing children will be escorted from the check-in desk to the aircraft and our arriving children will be taken to their families upon departure. Contact your airline for more information.

security check

When purchasing your ticket, don't forget to find out how long you need to be at the airport before your flight.

  • Make sure your luggage that you take on the flight does not contain any of the prohibited items listed in the 17th Schedule of the National Civil Aviation Security Program to avoid problems at security checks. 
  • Click for information-DHMİ
  • Click for info-SHGM

For your own safety, please prepare your luggage yourself and never accept any items or packages that are given to you so that they can be seen by someone else.

Check with your airline about the safety practices of the country of destination or where your flight is departing from.

For your safety:

Always keep your bag and other personal items with you. Do not leave your luggage or bags lying around, even for a short time. Note that parcels that are assumed to be unclaimed will be destroyed by security officials.

Never receive parcels from foreigners.

Also, do not make fun of terrorist attacks if you have a scavenger, a bomb or a weapon. Remember that such situations can lead to misunderstandings.

For substances that are prohibited to bring into the aircraft cabin, click.

For security reasons, click.

TAX Free

Global Blue's Tax Refund Office, located on the landside of the departure level of Adnan Mendres Airport's International Terminal, provides services for non-resident passengers to obtain tax refunds on products they purchase in Turkey.
Contact information: +90 (0212) 232 1121


For your own safety, prepare your luggage yourself or supervise the preparation of your luggage. When preparing your luggage, be sure to check the closed box, parcel and all packaging. Also, never accept an item that was given to you for someone else to see and you don't know what's inside. It is important that you check with the airline about the prohibited substances related to your flight. There may be items that the destination or departure country will not accept in registered and unregistered baggage. Please request information on this when purchasing your ticket. Jewellery, money, mobile phones, computers, documents, etc. Transport your valuables in your hand luggage. Your baggage may not be accepted on flights in the following cases:

• If the aircraft is likely to endanger passengers and other cargo,

• If it is not packaged to ensure proper and safe transportation,

• If the laws and regulations of a state of departure, destination or transfer contain cargoes the transport of which is prohibited,

• If it is not suitable in terms of dimensions. How far to tag your luggage before flying off the airline and how to escape; Be sure to check your ticket and find out that you have the right to take up to 100 kilos.

Find out more about the size and weight restrictions on carry-on baggage that you can take into the cabin. Attach a name tag to your luggage with information such as first name, last name, telephone number and address, which can also be obtained at the airline counter. Don't leave your previous travel tags on your luggage.

Please note that items that are not considered checked baggage, such as canvas, plastic bags, tin cans and jerry cans, will not be accepted in the baggage area and in the cabin of the aircraft.

Flux, knives, nail clippers, flies etc. Please note that storing sharp, penetrating and explosive objects such as these in the cabin is inconvenient for safety reasons and will not be accepted. Do not keep such items with you.

Don't forget that if you exceed your right of carriage, you will have to pay your airline an excess baggage fee.

Check the information on the vouchers you received for your luggage. Do not take someone else's luggage with you.

For your luggage that you were unable to collect upon arrival and any damage that you may notice immediately, you must contact the lost and found offices of the ground handling agencies (TGS, HAVAŞ, ELEBI) that serve the relevant airline before leaving the airport. It is important that you present your ticket, luggage tag and ID card with the application.

We wish you a pleasant and safe flight.

Traveling with your pet

Domestic animal; Cats and dogs that have valid rebel and health certificates, entry permits and/or other documents required by transit countries and can be transported in a private cage. In addition, pet transportation procedures may vary by airline. So if you are traveling with your pets, we recommend checking with the airline.

Baggage Weight Limits

The number, dimensions and weight of luggage you can take with you are limited depending on the destination, ticket class and airline. You may have to pay an additional fee for baggage over a certain limit.
Escape your choice of airline to travel; Be sure to check your ticket and find out about your right to carry up to 1kg of luggage and other information.

Also, find out about the size and weight restrictions on carry-on baggage that you can take into the cabin. In addition, do not exceed the width limits and weight-bearing capacity, so as not to damage or break the handle of your luggage / luggage due to overcrowding during transportation.

- hand luggage arrangements
- carry-on baggage

Baggage that the passenger takes on board the aircraft under his own control and responsibility.

Items that are not permitted in carry-on baggage are listed in Schedule-17 of the National Civil Aviation Security Program. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation; on international flights from October 1, 2009 and on domestic flights from April 1, 2012; There is a liquid restriction on scheduled flights. The liquid restriction includes all liquids, gels, aerosols, etc. in carry-on baggage. The new regulations on the restricted carriage of goods are:

• Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport has restrictions on liquids in hand luggage.

• Liquids, jellies and aerosols to be carried in carry-on baggage must be in a box, bottle or similar container with a maximum volume of 100 ml. The volume of the carton, bottle or container is accounted for by ignoring the quantity in its contents.

• These liquids should be transported separately in 20cm x 20cm clear ziplock bags with a maximum capacity of 1 liter and the bags soundly sealed.

• Each passenger is only allowed 1 piece of luggage. During security checks, the liquid bag will be put through the x-ray machine separately from your other belongings.

• Excluded are medicines (written on a prescription stating the identity of the passenger, or a health report stating that the passenger should use these medicines and in the original packaging) and baby food (in sufficient quantity during the voyage, if the baby flies along). from this application. However, if in doubt, the passenger may be asked to try this drug/food.

• Liquids: water, syrup, etc. other beverages. creams, lotions, oils, perfumes of all kinds; Makeup Materials (Liquid Lipstick, Mascara, etc.) Toothpaste, Shaving Gels and Foams, Hair Gels, Deodorants, Contact Lens Liquids, Shampoos, Jams, Honey, Yogurt, etc. Items.

Visa procedure

Visas can be obtained from the embassy or consulates of the country to which you intend to travel.

The information and documents required for each country's visa application may be different.

For information about the visa regime applied by foreign countries to Turkish citizens, click .



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