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Istanbul Airport (IST)-Transfer pick-up times-departure and arrival times

Istanbul Airport (IST)-Transfer pick-up times-departure and arrival times
Istanbul Arpt (IST) Departures and arrivals
Departures and arrival times from airport Istanbul (IST)

Inform yourself about today's 29.11.2023 flight status for your domestic or international flight from Istanbul airport(IST) using our flight schedule with current flight information to arrivals and departures. Switch between arrivals and departures from Istanbul airport and find the flight that interests you by using the quick search. Here you can enter the airline, flight number or departure/arrival city. The flight search shows you also which terminal your Istanbul flight is departing from or arriving from and whether there are any delays.

Airport-transfer from Istanbul (IST) Airport

From Istanbul (IST) Airport directly to the hotel or vice versa – sit back and enjoy your vacation without any worries!

Are you looking for a cheap airport transfer in Turkey? Then take a look at our offers for the destination regions of Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Izmir! You can also find the right transfer service in Istanbul, the only city on two continents.

Pickup time for transfer to Istanbul (IST) Airport

To query your pick-up time, please enter your customer number. Please note that the final flight details and pick-up time for your return transfer to the airport Istanbul (IST) must be received no later than one day before Departure date will be announced from 6:00 p.m. local time.

No waiting times or driving to other hotels. Reserve here a private transfer with or without a CIP lounge service at the airport.


A relaxed way to end your vacation. When you book the CIP airport service and VIP lounge, you will be greeted at the airport and escorted through priority check-in, baggage and passport control.
Make the waiting time at the airport as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The service includes pick-up and greeting upon arrival and access to the terminal via a dedicated entrance with escort to the CIP lounge.
You will be escorted quickly and without waiting through a special X-ray machine and a special passport control booth. You can use the CIP lounge for up to two hours, where coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and snacks are available free of charge. You also have free access to TV, WiFi and magazines.

Coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and snacks

Please take into account:
  • The tickets must be shown at the entrance.
  • VIP service staff will welcome you in the departure area of Terminal 1 at the CIP column next to entrance G and in front of the departure area of Terminal 2 at the CIP column in front of entrance H
  • No porter service
  • Ask for the WiFi password at the lounge information desk

Booking conditions:
Please note that this is just a non-binding pre-registration and not a final booking. The booking will not be effective until a representative from your agency has received payment for the pre-booked service. Your agency representative will contact you.

Best Service Guaranteed

Excellent Welcome, First-class Farewell: Private Airport Transfer Tailored Just for You

Sit back and treat yourself to a private transfer to or from Istanbul (IST) airport at the end or beginning of your vacation, with no waiting and no additional hotels

Book a private transfer
Learn more about us and our airport and resort transfer services
Learn more about our vehicle types
Please select the service you would like to pre-book

Child and family friendly airport

​​​Travelling at the kid- and family-friendly İstanbul Airport is easy and fun.

​​As part of our "Child and Family Friendly Airport" concept, we celebrate our National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23rd with greater enthusiasm every year. Last year we went public with our video Now is the Time for Children to Fly. where we have transformed the travel experiences of families with children into a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. This year, in the sequel to The Children Fly The Nest video, you'll see the kids switch roles with their parents and navigate our terminal well enough to guide their parents. We hope you never lose that inner child

Family First parking

For our families with children, parking spaces have been reserved near the entrances and elevators in the parking garages.

1) Green parking garage P3
2) Green car park P5​
3) Red parking lot P3​
4) ​Red parking lot P5



Family First Security Check Points

Families with children aged 0-5 years can use the assigned checkpoints in the security control areas.

1) Departure Level 1. Entrance
2) Departure Area, Domestic Terminal Security Checkpoint - Map
3) Departures Area, International Terminal, Passport Control - Map


Baby care rooms

Our guests who wish to breastfeed their babies at our airport and change diapers can use our baby care rooms. Infant care rooms have nursing chairs and changing tables.

1) Departures level, landside, in front of the International Pharmacy
2) Arrivals level, land side, behind the tourist offices
3) Arrivals Area, International Terminal, Transfer Area,
4) Departures Level, International Terminal, after Passport Control, CE Gates Corridor, next to Duty Free area
5) Departure Hall, International Terminal, after Passport Control, a boarding gate, in the children's playground
6) Departures Level, International Terminal, after Passport Control, B Gates, in the children's playground
7) Departures Level, International Terminal, After Passport Check, D Flight Gates Port, inside the children's playground
8) Departures Level, International Terminal, after Passport Control, F Gates, in the children's playground
9) Departure Level, Domestic Terminal, after security check, G gate port, inside the children's playground


Family room

Family rooms, large enough for families with children and equipped with changing tables, are available in each toilet area.

Children's playgrounds

For departing passengers there are children's playgrounds around each gate area, which are designed according to different themes and are offered free of charge.

1) Departures Level, International Terminal, after Passport Control, Gate A, before Gate A6
2) Departures Area, International Terminal, after Passport Control, Gates B, before Gate B3
3) Departures Area, International Terminal, after Passport Control, Gates D, next to Gate D2
4) Departures Area, International Terminal, after Passport Control, Gates F, next to Gate F7
5) Departures Area, International Terminal, after Passport Control, Gates G, next to Gate G6




Our guests checking their strollers in the aircraft hold may use available strollers from Immigration to the boarding gates; while our arriving passengers can use the available strollers from the boarding gates to the baggage claim areas.


Children's train

Our families with children can enjoy a pleasant tour on "İGA Children's Train" for free, which consists of 4 carriages and only accommodates 2 people, 2 people in each carriage, in the departure gate area of Domestic Terminal.

As part of our safety measures, seat belts are compulsory on the trains and the trains are disinfected after each use.



Our families with children between 0 and 2 years old can use our buggy vehicles for free, following the routes set in our terminal.

​Shops with products for children​

At Istanbul Airport, where we have local and foreign brands to meet the needs of all our guests, there are various clothing and toy options for our little guests.


​ ​

Restaurants with children's menus

Here are our restaurants with products for our little guests:


Unaccompanied minor passengers



Passenger services for persons over 65 years of age

65+ Passagiere 


Flight information displays

Details of the check-in desks can be viewed on the flight information screens before Immigration and flight times can be viewed on the flight information screens after Immigration. The walking distance to each gate is shown on the Flight Information Displays.


65+ Passagiere 


Information desk

Orange information desks are available at 10 different locations throughout the airport terminal. Speech translation equipment and an inductive loop system for hearing aid wearers are available at these counters.


65+ Passagiere 


Digital information booth

Accessible via two screens, the orange digital information kiosks will read your ticket and provide live audio and video advice to help you search for a location, plan your route and figure out which gate to go to.



65+ Assistant staff

Assistance staff, identified by their yellow vests, are available throughout the terminal to assist our guests aged 65+.

Call center

Telephone number: +90 444 1 442 (phone and WhatsApp)



65+ Passagiere 

Auxiliary services

Assistance services at our airport are provided by the airlines where the ticket was purchased. This service can be booked when purchasing your ticket or you can book at least 48 hours before your flight.


65+ Passagiere 

On the day of your flight, the assistance service can be made available to you within 15 minutes simply by using the dedicated phones in front of the entrance. You are welcome to use the benches between the front doors while you wait for the emergency services to arrive. Our guests may have to wait up to 45 minutes for requested assistance at the airport if they do not reserve 48 hours in advance.


65+ Passagiere 




All IETT vehicles are accessible. Click here for more information on IETT timetables.


65+ Passagiere 



Guests wishing to travel with a wheelchair may use the midibuses provided by Havaist. Passengers traveling from the city center to the airport must make their request at least 6 hours in advance through the HAVAİST communication channels. For trips to the city center, guests with wheelchairs should submit their requests through the dedicated Havaist communication channels. Havaist counters are located on the airport's transportation level, or you can visit one of our information points at least 1 hour prior to travel.

Contact us

Call centre: 0850 888 33 34
Click here for HAVAİST timetables.



65+ Passagiere 


Wheelchair service (for fellow travelers)

Guests with walking disabilities arriving at the airport to pick up or drop off passengers can request a wheelchair free of charge from the advisors in front of passport control.


65+ Passagiere 


Accessible toilet

Disabled toilets are available in the terminal and car park and are equipped with Braille signs, an empty/full audible warning, a motion sensor and a door that opens outwards in each toilet area.


65+ Passagiere 


Adult changing room

Our airport offers adult changing rooms with adjustable beds for guests who require this service.

Where can I find them?


65+ Passagiere 


Special service point for passengers

Guests with special needs can relax at the dedicated passenger service points at the B and M check-in islands in the check-in area. There are also facilities to charge their electric chairs or remove prostheses for more convenience.


65+ Passagiere 


Rest points

Our guests can rest in the sleep zone seats at many Napzone points throughout the terminal.


Şafak Medical Center

Şafak Health Center, which provides health services at our airport and offers special discounts for our over 65 guests, is available 24 hours a day.


There are three pharmacies on the departures level of the airport. Free blood pressure measurement is offered to guests over 65 years of age. Guests who require medication after passport control can avail a free medication delivery service by contacting the nearest information desk.


65+ Passagiere 


Fast Track

Fast Tracks are located in the security and pass zones and are offered free of charge to our guests over 65.


65+ Passagiere 



Guests over 65 and families with children between the ages of 0 and 2 can enjoy the benefits of our buggy vehicles, which travel a route from the buggy stops and are free of charge.

Where can I find the buggy stops?


65+ Passagiere 


Meet and Greet Special

With a Meet & Greet Special reservation made through the website or through our call center, you will be accompanied by trained staff throughout your journey and enjoy iGA Premium Services. This meet & greet service is discounted 35% for our 65+ guests.

Sleeping Capsule

Special Sleeper Cabins located in front of Gates D after International Passpoint have 25% discount for our 65+ guests.


65+ Passagiere 


Very special guest room

iGuests with Dementia, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome who have obtained a Very Special Guest Card by applying on the website can enjoy a quiet time in the Very Special Guest rooms in the boarding gate area and can use iGA buggy vehicles free of charge with an accompanying person.

https://www.istairport .com/en/passenger/airport-guide/iga-cares/circulation-areas/application-form


65+ Passagiere 


Sunflower Lanyard

Guests with invisible medical conditions such as Dementia, Autism and Anxiety Disorders and those who may need additional support as well as a special welcome can pick up a complimentary sunflower lanyard at our information desks so that they are visible to our staff.

Luggage Service

​​​​Baggage Service  

Baggage trolley pickup and delivery points are located at 65 points within Istanbul Airport. Baggage trolleys can be used against a deposit. Keep your receipt to get the deposit back.


Days of Service
B level

Domestic - Arrivals - Baggage claim
D level

International - Arrivals - Baggage claim
D level

Arrivals Level - Outside the terminal
D level

International - After Security - Departures Area
F Pier
Pier B
A pier
D Pier

Departure Level - Outside Entrance
F level

Departure Level – Pre-Security
F level

International - Departure Level - After Pasaport Control
F level

Parking Spot
P5 level

Cart: 1,000

Wagons: 3,500


Baggage Wrapping Service
Your luggage is safe with the iGA luggage wrapping service! You can easily prevent your luggage from being scratched, broken or damaged with this Istanbul Airport service.

Benefits you can get:


Charging Stations



Charging stations are located around the check-in waiting areas and also near the seating areas around the boarding gates.

According to data from the International Energy Agency, the number of people without access to electricity was 860 million in 2018. 80% of the 800 million people who gained access to electricity in 2010 were concentrated in Asia. Almost 600 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda still have no access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. People are forced to use expensive fuels to meet their basic needs after sunset.




One of the best solutions of the people who have been living like this since the 1950s is the generation of kinetic energy by bicycles. Here are the basics of how to do that; The pedaling movement of the rider on the bike generates energy, which sets a special gear system in motion.


As you pedal on this eco bike for a healthy life, please remember how important the "energy" emergency is to humankind.


How will you benefit?

If you pedal 10 minutes, you will receive special discounts in the free shop and in the food service areas.

Also for a healthier life:

If you pedal for 10 minutes, you will burn 100 calories and thus contribute to your health. So;

If 1000 people pedal just 10 minutes, enough electricity is produced to power 5 households for 1 month.


If you have any of the health conditions listed below, please do not ride a bike!

1. Severe back and neck problems
2. Hip, knee, ankle problems
3. Severe shoulder problems
4. History of heart attacks
5. Heart failure
6. Cardiac arrhythmias
7. Valvular heart disease
8. Coronary Stent/Bypass Operations
9. Epilepsy
10. Blood Pressure Disorders
11. Congenital heart defect
12. Chronic lung disease (COPD and/or asthma)


Means of Transport


​​​​Taxi service at Istanbul Airport is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Three types of taxis are used for the service, including “E” type black taxis, “D” type blue taxis, and “C” type orange taxis.

Passengers wishing to benefit from taxi services can use the vehicles stationed at their main stop, which is located at the passenger exit doors of the plaza area for domestic and international flights, and vehicles located at the Departures level (2nd floor).

Our taxis, affiliated with Istanbul Airport Taxi Drivers Cooperative, charge according to the metered rate managed by UKOME.

In order to respond to the vehicle demands with larger trunk, more passenger capacity (8+1), larger seat pitch/legroom and similar features compared to the existing taxis, increase service quality and also promote zero emission vehicles, UKOME has developed various Price tariffs for upper segment taxis set in turquoise and black colors. Therefore, turquoise taxi fares are 15% higher than orange taxi fares and black luxury taxi fares are 70% higher than orange taxi fares in UKOME managed tariff.



​​​​​​​​Transportation between the airport and the city center is provided via 10 HAVAIST routes. Due to the corona pandemic, the bus frequency is constantly being adjusted to the number of flights and passenger density.


​Transportation between the airport and the city center is provided by 6 IETT routes. Due to the corona pandemic, the bus frequency is constantly being adjusted to the number of flights and passenger density.

İETT buses operating at our airport are available for wheelchair users.

Forum - Airport Istanbul (IST)


  1. Posted by Nicole| 04.11.2023|

    Are there facilities for passengers with reduced mobility at Antalya Airport?

    • Replied by Mehmet| 04.11.2023

      Yes, Antalya Airport has facilities for passengers with reduced mobility, including wheelchair access and specially equipped toilets. It is recommended to inform airlines in advance of any special needs for assistance.

  2. Posted by Gabriella Kippenberger| 03.11.2023|
    Which airlines fly to Antalya Airport?
    • Replied by Mehmet| 03.11.2023

      Antalya Airport is an international airport and is served by a variety of airlines. Airlines that fly to the airport include Turkish Airlines, SunExpress, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, British Airways, and many more.

  3. Posted by Ewaldt| 01.11.2023|

    Is it really true that you are not allowed to import stones or sand from Turkey into Germany? I'm going on vacation soon and a friend told me so, but is that really true? 

    • Replied by Frido| 01.11.2023

      You can take stones home with you, but there is always a risk that this stone is an ancient stone! And then the Turks understand. If you don't kid customs officials, then it's all about smuggling ancient national treasures and it means prison in Turkey! This made a big splash in the press a few years ago, when a German tourist spent ages in prison because he had a supposedly antique stone in his luggage!

    • Replied by Diego| 02.11.2023

      in Turkey, all sorts of things are seen as a natural asset or as a national treasure (as has already been said here), which COULD be ancient. And it's not that unlikely. If you are unlucky, you will really get hold of a valuable, ancient stone. So, no matter how beautiful it is - leave it alone, the same goes for mussels (although I haven't found a single shell in TR yet!!)

    • Replied by Vinzenz| 03.11.2023

      So you can take sand with you. When it comes to stones, you have to be careful that they are not special stones (stones are not considered ANCIENT or cultural assets, but only mosaics or clay etc.) You would have to be careful with mussels, because they would also cause problems in Germany (ANIMAL WELFARE).

    • Replied by Carla| 04.11.2023

      Yes that's true! They believe that everything that is lying around is archeologically valuable

    • Replied by Hausmann| 04.11.2023

      It's 100% true and I would also take care of the basara and if possible not take any shells with me

  4. Posted by Fanny Trausch| 01.11.2023|

    Sorry for the stupid question, but my kids are very picky and don't eat everything.  Is there a kebab shop at Antalya Airport?

    • Replied by Willi | 03.11.2023

      Hi Fanny, there is a kebab shop in Terminal 1 in the counter hall and one after passport control. However, the kebab in these shops does not taste as good as the ones in the city and is also very expensive. By the way, the question is very valid and is anything but stupid...

  5. Posted by Marek Volczik| 01.11.2023|
    What is the distance to Antalya Airport from the city centre?
    • Replied by Mehmet| 01.11.2023
      Antalya Airport is located about 13 kilometers east of Antalya city center. The journey to the city centre usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  6. Posted by Frank| 01.11.2023|

    Hello, our tour operator informed us that they will pick up us 5 hours earlier for the return flight transfer to Istanbul Airport . The drive from Side to Istanbul Airport takes just over an hour. When I complained, the representative told me that they drive to several hotels and therefore had to pick us up early. Well, if I have booked a shuttle transfer I have to accept it willy-nilly :(
    We have now decided to take a private transfer from our hotel to Istanbul (IST) Airport. Which transfer company can you recommend to me? And what would such a transfer to the Istanbul Airport approximately cost?

    • Replied by Mehmet| 01.11.2023

      Hello Frank, with shuttle transfers it is common for customers to be picked up quite early because, as you said, several hotels are served. And then there's the fact that you have to be at the airport at least 2 hours beforehand...
      Regarding your question if anyone can help; Now that I run this forum and, as an employee of the Meeting Point agency, I also take care of these topics, I can of course help you.
      As an agency that is a subsidiary of the FTI Group, we have a wide range of services. The services we offer also include transfer services to and from airports such as Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum and Istanbul. If you would like to inquire about transfer prices and details about our private transfer services, I recommend you to click here to get more information about a private transfer from your hotel to Istanbul (IST) Airport.

  7. Posted by Tomasz| 31.10.2023|

    I don't know if I'm right with this question here, but how much fake clothes can you take from Turkey?

    • Replied by Mehmet| 01.11.2023

      You've come to the right place with this question:) For personal use, the introduction of fake clothes is permitted up to a maximum limit of 430 euros. However, if the suitcase is filled to the top with cheaper fake clothes, it can be expensive if customs come across it during an inspection - even if the fake clothes are intended for friends or family.

    • Replied by Derman| 02.11.2023

      Customs lists the travel allowances from a non-EU country in detail: For air and sea travel, goods up to a value of 430 euros may be imported duty-free. When entering the country by train or car, the limit is 300 euros.

  8. Posted by Klaus Schellscheidt| 30.10.2023|

    Hello, are there any car rental companies at Antalya Airport?

    • Replied by Mehmet| 04.11.2023

      Yes, there are a variety of car rental companies available at Antalya Airport, including international and local companies. Travelers can rent vehicles at the airport to explore the Antalya region.

  9. Posted by Santos| 29.10.2023|

    Hello, is it possible to book an airport transfer at Antalya Airport? Or should you take a taxi or other means of public transport, if there is one at all? 

    • Replied by Mehmet| 29.10.2023

      Yes, you can book airport transfers at Antalya Airport. There are several options for airport transfers, including private transfers, shuttle buses, and taxis. Here are some options:

      1. 1. Private Airport Transfers: You can book private airport transfers in advance with various providers. These transfers will pick you up directly at the airport and take you directly to your destination, be it a hotel, a holiday home or any other accommodation. This is often the most convenient and stress-free option.

      2. 2. Shuttle buses: There are also shuttle buses at Antalya Airport that serve various tourist spots. These tend to be a more cost-effective option, but may require longer wait times and additional stops.

      3. 3. Taxis: Taxis are available at Antalya Airport and are a convenient way to reach your destination. You can take an official taxi from the airport taxi rank, and prices are usually fixed.

      It is advisable to book your transfer in advance, (click here for airport transfer quotes) especially if you prefer a private transfer to ensure that a vehicle is ready for you. The choice of transfer depends on your personal preferences and budget. Private transfers usually offer the highest level of comfort and convenience, while shuttle buses and taxis are other options. For more questions and information you can read about transfers in my blog.

  10. Posted by Andrei75| 28.10.2023|

    For health reasons, I had a spice broth mixed in Turkey by a naturopath and had it bottled. That's all well and good, but how can I pass through the control at antalya airport?

    • Replied by Der Friese| 28.10.2023

      Dear Andrei... Don't ? do that

    • Replied by Mehmet| 28.10.2023

      I am of the same opinion as the Frisian Dear Andrei  ?

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