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About Travelassistant24

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About Travelassistant24

Travelassistant24 was founded in 2017 to offer our registered visitors an online platform through which they could create personal holiday plans and obtain and explore information on flights, transfers and holiday destinations.

Initially developed only for registered customers, we quickly recognized the growing demand and general need for such services. Therefore, in early 2020 we decided to make our comprehensive content and services accessible to all visitors.

After making our comprehensive content and services available to all visitors, we still maintained that our registered customers can enjoy the following exclusive benefits and access personalized and exclusive services and products by entering their customer details:

  • Book discounted excursions
  • Check return flight information
  • Find out pick-up times
  • Book transfers
  • Request and book product or service upgrades
  • Redeem discount vouchers with numerous partners via the InsiderClub
  • Share feedback, praise and criticism
  • Get comprehensive information about vacation destinations
  • Check visiting times and names of tour guides

Our mission: At Travelassistant24, our mission is to celebrate diversity and harness its power. We strive to create a platform where every traveler, regardless of background or circumstances, feels welcome, valued and empowered. Through our comprehensive services and inclusive approach, we aim to enrich the travel experience by embracing the diversity of perspectives, cultures and preferences.

Our vision: Our vision at Travelassistant24 is to be a global leader in travel assistance, driven by the belief that diversity makes us stronger. We envision a world where travelers of all backgrounds and identities are seamlessly connected to destinations, experiences and each other. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding, we strive to set new standards in travel assistance to ensure that every journey is enriched and every traveler is inspired by the diverse tapestry of our world.

Why “Diversity Unites Us”?

In line with our deep-rooted belief that travel is the deepest connection between cultures and people, we have chosen to build the Travelassistant24 philosophy on the principle “Diversity Unites Us”. This aims to emphasise the unifying power of differences in a world where divisive voices are being raised.

Our core principles and what we want to achieve with them

1. Core belief and ethos:
At Travelassistant24, we firmly believe that travel is the deepest connection between cultures and people. Our slogan, “Diversity Unites Us,” embodies this core belief. It reflects our commitment to creating an environment where every traveler feels welcomed, valued and empowered, regardless of their background or circumstances.

2. Enhancing the Travel Experience:
We understand that the richness of travel comes from experiencing different cultures, perspectives and ways of life. By embracing diversity, we aim to enhance the travel experience for all of our users. Our platform is designed to celebrate these differences and ensure travelers can connect meaningfully with destinations and each other.

3. Inclusivity as a Guiding Principle:
Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. “Diversity Unites Us” serves as a guiding principle for our services and interactions. It ensures that our platform is accessible and welcoming to all and fosters a sense of belonging and community among our users.

4. Strength in Diversity:
We believe that diversity brings strength. Differing viewpoints and experiences lead to more innovative solutions and richer cultural exchanges. This belief drives us to create a platform that not only recognizes, but actively celebrates and leverages the rich diversity of our world.

5. Reflecting our mission and vision:
Our mission is to celebrate and leverage the power of diversity and our vision is to be a global leader in travel assistance, driven by the belief that diversity makes us stronger. The slogan “Diversity unites us” fits perfectly with these goals and embodies our commitmentnt to create an inclusive and supportive travel community.

6. Building a Global Community:
In today's globalized world, connecting with people from diverse cultures is more important than ever. Our tagline underscores our commitment to building a global community where travelers of all backgrounds and identities can seamlessly connect with destinations, experiences, and each other.

7. Empowering Our Users:
By promoting the idea that "diversity unites us," we empower our users from diverse backgrounds and make them feel seen and valued. This empowerment increases their engagement on our platform and enriches their travel experiences.

8. Creating Precious Memories:
We know vacation time is precious and passes quickly. Our goal is to help travelers make the most of their time away so they return home with precious memories and a feeling of refreshment. By embracing diversity, we can offer more personal and meaningful travel experiences.

In summary, for Travelassistant24, “Diversity Unites Us” is more than just a slogan; it is a reflection of our values, mission and vision. It guides our efforts to create a platform that celebrates diversity of perspectives, cultures and preferences and ultimately improves the travel experience for all.

"There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet" 

William Butler Yeats


Thank you for choosing Travelassistant24 for your travel needs. We look forward to helping you design your next trip to be memorable and enjoyable.

Your Travelassistant24 Team