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This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) is made by MP Turkey Turizm A.Ş. as data controller within the scope of the Communiqué on the Principles and Procedures to be Followed in Fulfilling the Clarification Obligation with Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law (Law) No. 6698. (“MP”).


As MP, we use Cookies to improve the use and functionality of our website www.travelassistant24.com (“Site”), to display personal content and advertisements to its visitors, to perform analytical activities within the Site and to track usage habits. For cookies other than the mandatory cookies we use on our site, the explicit consent of our site visitors is obtained.


The policy basically explains to the visitors of our Site which type of Cookies are used for what purposes and how to manage their preferences regarding Cookies. We recommend that you read this Policy carefully.


1.   What is a cookie (“Cookie”)?


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device or network server via browsers by the websites you visit. Cookies are created by servers associated with the website you are visiting. In this way, the server will understand when the device on which the text files are stored visits the site again.


2.   Which Types of Cookies Are Used and For What Purposes?


Cookies according to their intended use:


Mandatory Cookies

Mandatory cookies are cookies that are necessary for the Site to work and be used as intended. If mandatory cookies are blocked, some parts of the Site will not work. These cookies allow you to improve security, save searches, log in or use similar functions. They are not used for marketing purposes.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies allow the site content to be individualized for users based on their preferences. It is possible to prevent the use of these cookies.


Cookies are also grouped according to their storage time and source.


Cookies according to their duration of use:


Session Cookies

The session cookie expires when you close your browser.


Cookies by source :


First Party Cookies

First-party cookies are created by the Site you have visited.

Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are set by third parties, such as other sites, partners or service providers. They allow the use of some functions on the site and the tracking of advertisements.


3.   What Types of Cookies Do We Use on the Site?


Cookie Name






Ensuring session protection while navigating the site


First Party

1 year

Google Analytics

·         Actively scanning device properties for identification purposes

·         Storing and/or accessing information on a device

·         Measuring content performance

·         Applying market research to generate audience insights

·         Storing and accessing geolocation information to conduct marketing efforts

·         Developing and improving products



Third Party

1 day


4.   Purposes of Processing Personal Data and Reasons for Compliance with Law


Mandatory cookies are cookies that are necessary for the operation of our Site and for our visitors to use our Site, for example, to be able to log into the Site as a user. Your personal data collected through these cookies, pursuant to clause (c) of paragraph (2) of Article 5 of the Law, “ provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of the contract, it is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to the contract ” or clause (f) “ Provided that it does not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller .


Performance cookies are cookies that help us measure and improve the performance of our Site, understand how you use our site, and improve your overall experience. Your personal data collected through these cookies are processed by obtaining your explicit consent within the scope of paragraph (1) of Article 5 of the Law.


Marketing cookies are placed on the Site by our business partners and suppliers. These cookies are used to show you advertisements that may be of interest to you on the Site and on different websites according to your interests. Your personal data collected through these cookies are processed by obtaining your explicit consent within the scope of paragraph (1) of Article 5 of the Law.


5.   How Can You Control Cookies?


Cookie your settings if you wish , at the site entrance -most below place area cookie notification “ Cookie” on your settings Edit ” button by you can change .

However, you can also edit your cookie settings by changing your browser's settings. In general, internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. Browsers can be set to block cookies or to alert the user when cookies are sent to the device. It is up to you to enable and disable cookies. You have the opportunity to accept or reject cookies by changing the settings in your internet browser. Please refer to your browser's instructions to learn how to change your browser settings or delete cookies. Please note that some features of the site will not be available when cookies are disabled.

The changes you will make in the settings of the internet browser you use to prevent the use of cookies differ according to your device and internet browser.


You can use the possibility of allowing and rejecting cookies using the following methods:

Google Chrome


You can allow or block cookies from the "Cookies" tab by clicking the "lock mark" in the address section of your browser.

Internet Explorer


You can manage cookies in the form of "allow" or "do not allow" by clicking the security tab in the "Tools" section at the top right of your browser.

Mozilla Firefox


Click the "open menu" tab in the upper right corner of your browser. You can manage cookies by clicking the "Options" image and using the "Privacy and Security" button.



You can manage cookies from the "Cookies" section by selecting "Advanced" in the "Preferences" section of your browser.



You can manage all your cookies from the "Privacy and Security" section by selecting the "safari" tab from the "Settings" section of your phone.


In addition to the above options; You can visit https://www.allaboutcookies.org, https://www.youronlinechoices.eu/ or use the “Privacy Badger” application to be informed about all cookies and to manage cookies (https://www.eff.org/en/privacybadger). If you refuse persistent or session cookies, you can continue to use the website, but you may not be able to access all functions of the website or your access may be limited.

6.   What are your rights as a person concerned?

Your requests and applications within the scope of Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law regarding your personal data processed through the cookies used on our site ;


1)      By sending it with a wet signature and a photocopy of a valid identity document to the address of Harbiye Mahallesi Asker Ocağı Caddesi Süzer Plaza Blok No: 6 Interior Door No: 119 Şişli/Istanbul,

2)      By applying in person with a valid identity document,

3)      By using a registered electronic mail (KEP) address and a secure electronic signature mpturkey.turizm@hs01.kep.tr By sending it to our KEP address,

4)      You can send it by e-mail to our e-mail address kvkk@meetingpointturkey.com , previously notified to us by the Related Person and registered in our system .