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SunExpress Online Check-in - Unkompliziertes und schnelles Verfahren

SunExpress Online Check-in - Uncomplicated and fast procedure

Using SunExpress online check-in has never been so effortless and time-saving! With the help of our step-by-step written instructions, you can complete your check-in within minutes. In addition, we have prepared the most important customer questions and exceptional situations regarding SunExpress web check-in in a clear and understandable way for you.

Online check-in at SunExpress - key topics at a glance:

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  1. Text instructions for SunExpress online check-in in 4 steps
  2. When is the best time to check in online with SunExpress?
  3. Seat reservation with SunExpress
  4. Baggage regulations and free baggage allowance with SunExpress
  5. Exceptions and important information
  6. Frequently asked questions about online check-in with SunExpress

The SunExpress online check-in:

How does SunExpress online check-in work? Our detailed text guide gives you all the information you need. You will also find clear screenshots below the instructions that illustrate the online check-in process.

  1. Visit the SunExpress website and click on "Check-in".
  2. Enter your details and most of the work is already done. Seats are assigned automatically, but can be changed for a fee.
  3. Complete the online check-in and save or print your boarding pass at the end - done!

All the important steps are documented again here as screenshots.

Der SunExpress Online Check-in in 4 Schritten – Text-Anleitung1

Select check-in

Der SunExpress Online Check-in in 4 Schritten – Text-Anleitung1

Enter data

Here you can find the SunExpress online check-in.

When is the best time to check in online with SunExpress?

Wann ist die beste Möglichkeit für ein Online Check-in bei SunExpress

SunExpress online check-in is usually available 72 hours before departure. Check-in usually closes 1 hour before departure.

Attention: Important note! You can obtain the latest information about your flight and web check-in here.

Seat reservation with SunExpress:

You can reserve a seat either on the website under "My Booking" or by calling SunExpress customer service.

  Fees Reservation times
International flights From €2.99 per passenger 6 hours before departure
Domestic flights within Turkey From €1.50 per passenger 3 hours before departure

Seat reservation with SunExpress

Baggage regulations and free baggage allowance with SunExpress:

Gepäckbestimmungen und Freigepäck bei SunExpress

If you are flying with SunExpress to your well-deserved dream holiday and your trip is booked through one of our tour operators - package holidays - the following is permitted per person:

Type of Flight Free Baggage Allowance Hand baggage
International flights 20 kg Max. 8 kg
Domestic flights in Turkey 15 kg Max. 8 kg




Exceptions and important information when you check in online with SunExpress!

Ausnahmen und wichtige Infos, wenn ihr bei SunExpress online eincheckt

Do I need to pay attention to anything when checking in online with SunExpress? Apart from a few details listed below, we are not aware of anything important. However, you can of course check back with SunExpress directly.

  • Check-in fees at the airport: Since 26 March 2023, SunExpress has been charging an "Airport Check-in" service fee of €2.99 per passenger for check-in at the airport for international flights.

  • Digital or printed boarding pass? Watch out! Although you can check in online at the following airports, digital boarding passes are not accepted: Beirut (BEY), Dubai (DXB), Dubai World Jebel Ali (DWC), Erbil (EBL), Plovdiv (PDV), Skopje (SKP), Tbilisi (TBS).

  • Online check-in is currently not possible for: Passengers with reduced mobility who require special assistance, passengers with pets in the cabin, children aged between 5 and 12 travelling alone.

Frequently asked questions about SunExpress Online Check-in:

Is online check-in compulsory with SunExpress?

⇨ No, it is not yet mandatory. BUT: We recommend online check-in, as otherwise additional fees will apply.

How much does check-in cost with SunExpress?

⇨ Online check-in at SunExpress is free of charge. However, SunExpress charges €2.99 so-called "airport check-in" service fees for international flights. There are no check-in fees for flights within Turkey.

When do I have to be at the gate with SunExpress?

⇨ At least 45 minutes before departure for international flights and at least 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights.

When can I check in online with SunExpress?

⇨ Times vary depending on the airport, but usually 72 hours before departure.

Is it possible to select a seat at SunExpress Online Check-in?

⇨ Seat reservations can be made either via the website under "My Booking" or by calling SunExpress Customer Service.

How many kilograms of baggage can I take with SunExpress?

⇨ Baggage allowance: 20 kg for international flights, 15 kg for domestic flights in Turkey. Hand baggage: Maximum 8 kg.

Further answers to your questions, such as whether a seat reservation is possible during online check-in, can be found here.

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