Your personal holiday assistant on site

In addition to many useful information online, you can ask for your pick-up time and flight data or evaluate your holiday by specifying your booking number.

How do I know when I will be picked up?
Even the most beautiful holiday comes to an end ...
The pick-up times for the return flights shall be fixed at the latest one day before your departure from 17:00 local time.
- Online: Enter your booking number and, if necessary, the activation code in the field.
- In our information folder, billboard or if not available, at the reception of your hotel.

My return data does not match, how should I act?
The flight information we provide is final flight information confirmed by the airlines.

Can there be delays in transfers?
As the bus visits several hotels, the pick-up can be delayed by up to 20 minutes. In case the bus is delayed more than 20 minutes, please contact us. Please note that you will be picked up at the hotel reception.

What is a private transfer and how can I book it?
By booking a private transfer, you will save min. 2 hours. Because you drive from your hotel directly to the airport without visiting further hotels. You can book your private transfer directly at our representative. In addition, you can check the prices and conditions on the pages after login.

What is a Fast Track service and how can I book it?
With our Fast Track service you bypass all the time-wasting transactions at the airport, such as long queues at the security checks, passport controls and the check-in desks. In addition, during your stay in the CIP lounge, you can let your holiday end by taking advantage of the included numerous amenities such as open buffets, drinks and WLAN ... You can book this service directly at the tour guide. In addition, you can check the prices and conditions on the pages after login.

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