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Is it worth buying a house in Turkey ?

Is it worth buying a house in Turkey ?

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Is it worth buying a house in Turkey ?

And if yes, why?

In the past 15 years, the Turkish real estate market has developed enormously, in which foreign buyers have also played and continue to play a significant role.

We have listed below why the interest of many foreign buyers in real estate in Turkey has increased.

10 good reasons to buy real estate in Turkey

1. Strong economy and affordable real estate prices:

Did you know that buying a property in London is almost eight times more expensive than in Istanbul? The farther you are from Turkey's most vibrant cosmopolitan city, the cheaper the prices become. Real estate prices in Antalya, for example, start at 30,000 euros, which offers the potential to make long-term profitable investments. With the favorable exchange rate of the Turkish Lira converted into foreign currencies, now is an ideal time to buy real estate as the value for money is higher. Clients looking for guaranteed rent investment properties can find lucrative opportunities.

Buy real estate and house in Turkey, Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer

2. Broad portfolio:

In the last 10 years, the Turkish real estate market has greatly expanded its portfolio of studios, apartments and villas. There are unlimited options for those looking for a pre-owned, project or new build home. You can visit our partners' sites to see the types of property for sale in Turkey, from coastal towns to city center houses.

Buy real estate and house in Turkey, Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer

3. Simple purchasing processes:

10 years ago buying a property in Turkey was a long process of waiting for the title deed. However, the process can be completed in a short period of one week as the Turkish government has simplified the process significantly. However, if you are not familiar with the property buying process in Turkey, we recommend that you work with a professional and reliable company.

Buy real estate and house in Turkey, Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer

Our handpicked partners have professional staff to guide buyers through the entire buying and selling process, from helping them find their dream home to signing the deeds and moving into their new home. They stand behind their zero defect principles and for smooth and easy service. Detailed information on the process can be found on our property purchase page.

4. Favorable payment terms:

The Turkish real estate sector is investor friendly as it offers a wide range of properties for all budgets with easy payment terms. You can consider buying a property in Turkey for a profitable investment at affordable prices.

Buy real estate and house in Turkey, Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer

If you are in the project phase or want to buy a newly built house, you can also use installment plans from 6 to 60 months. In some cases, this means you have around 5 years to pay for your house, but you can move sooner and sign the deed. For first-time homebuyers, this option is a great zero-interest opportunity. You can view here the properties for sale from our partners with advantageous payment plans.

5. Low Cost of Living:

No matter where in the world you are considering buying property, the cost of living is an important factor that will help you make the decision. Looking at the living conditions in Turkey, anyone who sees that it is possible to achieve a high standard of living at affordable prices may be surprised. We sampled the comparative data to give you an idea;

Low Cost of Living in Turkey

Cost of living in Turkey

• The cost of living in Turkey is 59.36% below the US average.
• Rents in Turkey are 87.04% below the US average.
• Restaurant prices in UK are 300.59% higher than in Turkey.
• Market prices in Germany are 120.64% higher than in Turkey.
• Finnish consumer prices are 171.09% higher than in Turkey (excluding rent).

Of course, the cost may vary depending on the city you live in, but the above difference will be very noticeable in Turkey for the middle and upper-middle upper life segments. To learn more visit our Cost of Living in Turkey page.

6. Ease of Access and Entry:

Turkey attracts the attention of investors from all over the world, mainly because of its unique geographical location, which is partly in Asia and partly in Europe.

Istanbul airport, the hub of the world

Put simply, Turkey is very central to most of the home countries of major investors. In addition, Turkey has a wide transport network that offers various options of convenient and inexpensive travel such as airplanes and ships.

The Turkish government has invested in the country's airports, allowing airlines like Turkish Airlines, with their busy schedules, to offer frequent flyer programs all year round. In the summer months there are ferry connections to all Greek islands. Turkey has also invested in upgrading its highways to make road traffic faster than ever.

These opportunities encourage investors to buy real estate in Turkey. Finally, it is important to take a quick trip to Turkey in case of a problem without wasting too much time on the road to get there.

7. Lifestyle and Activities:

One of the relatively less mentioned but still important reasons to buy a property in Turkey are interests and activities. While in big cities all residents have access to culture and arts scenes, life by the sea has great advantages in the seaside resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean, as much of daily life takes place outdoors.

Lifestyle in Turkey

Ski resorts scattered across the country and some regions like Belek in Antalya have earned a reputation as a hip golf destination. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the country's favorable climate for summer evenings for al fresco dining and for days by the pool.

8. High investment potential:

Turkey ranked 14th in the study that identified the 25 most suitable property investment markets in 2020, beating countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece. In addition, the Ease of Doing Business Report 2020 prepared by the World Bank ranked Turkey 33rd out of 190 countries. The main reasons for this increased interest are affordable prices, growing projects and a stable tourism market.

High investment potential in Turkey

Turkey has a safe investment market that meets international standards and offers equal service to all investors. In this system, where protecting the interests of investors is a priority, Turkey has made several changes to encourage foreign investment.

According to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), 80,000 companies started operations in Turkey in 2019. 12,634 of these companies (approx. 15%) were companies of foreign origin. The latest reports show that the investment rate in Turkey has increased 9 times compared to the last 10 years.

9. Healthcare system in Turkey:

 The most important feature that distinguishes Turkey is its healthcare system. With the principle “Everyone has social rights”, public or private healthcare services in Turkey are easily accessible and available at affordable prices. Especially compared to Europe and North America, private hospitals in Turkey are preferred by foreigners due to their prices and high service quality. Thanks to this intense interest, health tourism has developed in Turkey. For more information, see our Healthcare System in Turkey page.

Healthcare system in Turkey

10. Become a Turkish citizen by investing in real estate

According to the legal regulation published in the Official Gazette on 09/19/2018 and 12/07/2018, those who want to buy ready-to-move-in or under-construction properties in Turkey worth at least $250,000 must undertake to buy a property worth $250,000 from a Notary Die Turkish citizenship is granted directly to foreigners. If the requirements are met, it takes about 1 week for the naturalization approval to be given. Visit our Turkish Citizenship page for more information.

Our selected real estate partners are professional real estate companies with the necessary knowledge and experience in citizenship. They have delivered many title deeds to thousands of clients from 84 different countries with zero errors. Our partners' expert team will guide you through all the steps of free pre-sales and after-sales service, from property purchase to furniture covering.

Take a look at our partners' properties listings in Turkey now or contact us to get information from our sales representative about buying properties in Turkey.

How to buy a property in Turkey?

Additional Announcement

Unfortunately, Turkey"s state-subsidized construction industry is being swamped by dubious construction companies who have no problem putting large numbers of substandard housing on the market and resorting to various tricks to generate large profits in a short period of time. Unfortunately, we saw and experienced the consequences of this in the sad earthquake in Kahramanmaraş on February 6th.

Within a week at the latest after moving into the property you bought from the developers who are malicious and abusing the subsidies given by the state, you will find that all the materials used are of poor quality e.g. E.g. the skirting boards that look like wood are actually cardboard, the shiny chrome materials in the bathroom are just cheap plastic, water is leaking from the heating or water pipes, the electrical components are inadequate, etc.

I realize this is annoying, but I wanted to bring this issue back to the fore after the earthquake in our country that killed thousands of people.

Especially in the past, it has once again been shown how right it is that we work with the most reliable, proven consultants and not with real estate consultants who promised us high profits in a short time by marketing cheap real estate.

So, given these facts, should I still buy a property in Turkey? Definitely yes, if you buy them through the right people. You can read my thoughts and observations on the benefits in this blog.

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  1. Posted by Jovani Pittman| 05.06.2023|

    From my own experience I would also like to add the following

    Turkey has become a popular destination for buying real estate, especially for foreigners looking for a holiday home or a place to retire. The countrys strategic location, diverse culture, and favorable investment climate have made it a favorite among property buyers. Here are some things to consider when buying real estate in Turkey:

    Location: Turkey is a large country with a wide range of property options, from apartments in bustling cities to villas on the coast. Popular areas for foreign buyers include Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Alanya, and Kalkan.

    Legal process: Non-Turkish citizens can purchase property in Turkey, but it is important to understand the legal process and requirements. Working with a reputable real estate agent and a lawyer who specializes in Turkish property law can make the process smoother and easier.

    Budget: Property prices in Turkey can vary widely depending on location, size, and amenities. It is important to set a realistic budget and work with an agent who can help find properties that fit within that budget.

    Financing: Foreigners can get a mortgage to buy property in Turkey, but the terms and requirements may differ from those in their home country. It is important to research financing options and work with a reputable lender.

    Turkish citizenship: Foreigners who purchase property in Turkey above a certain price threshold can be eligible for Turkish citizenship by investment. This can be an attractive option for those looking to make Turkey their permanent home.

    Overall, buying real estate in Turkey can be a great investment for both personal and financial reasons. With careful research and the help of experienced professionals, its possible to find a property that meets your needs and budget in this beautiful country.



  2. Posted by Matucek| 29.05.2023|

    Im Web werden wir überhäuft mit Informationen. Ich blicke auf jedenfall nicht mehr durch. In Gottes Namen kann mir jemand bitte aus gelebter Erfahrung schreiben, was wirklich notwendig ist und worauf man acht geben muss, wenn man ein Haus in der Türkei kaufen möchte. Meine Frau möchte unbedingt ein Haus oder Wohnung in Alanya und ich bin in zugzwang...

    • Replied by Gerhard aus Ayvalik| 03.06.2023

      Ahoi ihr lieben, mein Beitrag gilt euch beiden :)

      Auf was sollte man bei einem Immobilienkauf in der Türkei achten? Was ist nötig, wenn man eine Immobilie kaufen möchte.


      Makler Korrespondenz


      Antrag auf Steuernummer

      Organisation der Übersetzungen


      Terminvereinbarung beim Grundbuchamt

      Allgemeine Prüfung Ihrer Akte (nötige Unterlagen, Versicherungspolicen etc.)

      Vertretung am Grundbuchamt bei der Beurkundung des Kaufvertrages

      Unterstützung bei Zahlung des Kaufpreises u. Steuern

      Ggf. Eröffnung eines Bankkontos in der Türkei

      Anmeldung bei der Stadt



  3. Posted by Roland Weiser| 25.05.2023|

    Ich werde bald in Rente gehen und möchte daher in den Süden ziehen, um zumindest die Wintermonate in wärmeren Gebieten zu verbringen. Wie Sie auch beschrieben haben, denke ich auch, dass die Türkei ein attraktives Land ist, wo man auch als Deutscher leben kann. Daher meine Frage. Worauf muss ich beim Kauf eines Hauses in der Türkei am meisten achten ? 

  4. Posted by Eгонов Грегори| 11.05.2023|

    Кто-нибудь может сказать мне, что лучше купить недвижимость в Турции или арендовать ее? Что было бы лучшей идеей?

    • Replied by Борис Николаев| 11.05.2023

      Это во многом зависит от того, как часто вы хотите туда ходить. Если вы отдыхаете в Турции каждый год и можете позволить себе квартиру, которую стоит купить в долгосрочной перспективе, если вы приезжаете только раз в несколько лет, я бы предпочел просто арендовать на вашем месте.

    • Replied by Дмитрий Новиков| 11.05.2023

      Уважаемый Грегор, покупка недвижимости в Турции имеет смысл, если вы посещаете страну несколько раз в год и планируете оставаться дольше, особенно летом. Так как краткосрочная арендная плата значительно увеличивается летом и в высокий сезон. С этой точки зрения, многие россияне уже купили недвижимость в Турции именно потому, что они часто живут в своей недвижимости в Турции, и кроме всего прочего считают ее своим вторым местом жительства. Но для двухнедельного пребывания в году на месте я бы не советовал. Если местные условия пребывания в Турции достаточно продолжительны, разумное соотношение цен становится второй причиной для совершения покупки.

  5. Posted by Achim Beckmann| 11.05.2023|

    Kann mir Jemand sagen ob man sich ein Ferienhaus in der Türkei kaufen sollte, oder immer mal wieder anmieten? Was wäre die besste Idee?

    • Replied by Falco| 11.05.2023

      Das kommt wohl drauf an, wie oft im Jahr die Möglichkeit besteht, das Haus in der Türkei selbst zu nutzen oder ev. sogar selbst wochenweise zu vermieten. Wenn man eh nur 1 oder 2 Wochen im Jahr hin kann, lohnt sich kaufen denke ich eher nicht... Ein Vorteil vom gemieteten Haus ist, finde ich, dass man nicht immer in die gleiche Gegend fahren muss.

    • Replied by Matteo Kihm| 11.05.2023

      Wenn du kurz vor der Rente stehst oder über sehr viel Geld und Freizeit verfügst, dann würde ich eine Immobilie in der Türkei kaufen. Wenn sie allerdings nur einige Wochen im Jahr genutzt werden kann und auch anderweitig nicht vermietet wird, dann lohnt sich kein Kauf und man sollte lieber mieten.

  6. Posted by Sedlacik Roman| 07.05.2023|

    Zdravím , 

    mame zájem o koupi nemovitosti v Turecku - Antalya/ Analya s výhledem na moře. 
    prosím o kontakty, nebo nabidky. 
    Dekuji RS

    • Replied by InsiderClub| 11.05.2023

      Děkujeme za váš dotaz, náš partner vás bude kontaktovat.

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