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Where and How You Can Buy Jewelry in Turkey

Where and How You Can Buy Jewelry in Turkey

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Where and How You Can Buy Jewelry in Turkey

In this blog, we mentioned Turkish jewelry and where you can buy them in Turkey.

Turkish Jewelry

Turkish Jewelry is one of the styles at Jewelry World. This style is legitimately called “Turkish Jewelry”. In this substance, we will educate you about history, culture and all insights regarding Turkish Jewelry. 

The Turkish Jewelry word implies gems that are made in Turkey by Turkish Jewelry Masters with great adornments planning techniques. Because of the size of the market and focus of adornments world in Istanbul Grand Bazaar, you can likewise discover production line made gems in Turkey. In any case, this style is known as Italian Jewelry.

How to buy jewelry in Turkey

Jewelry Types


Cluster jewelry includes a gathering of littler gemstone set firmly together to give the general impression of a bigger stone. Shop for bunch rings and group hoops. 


Cocktail jewelry includes enormous, striking settings with an articulated focus stone which may incorporate numerous encompassing stones. 


A classic jewelry type style includes a solitary gemstone. It can be utilized to portray rings, studs or accessories, yet is by and large connected with rings.


Fashion jewelry, otherwise called outfit gems, is customarily produced using modest metals and impersonation or semiprecious stones. 


Most traditional wedding ring sets comprise of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The wedding band commonly includes a jewel, however, some may highlight gemstones or birthstones. The wedding ring can snuggly fit alongside the wedding band to finish the general introduction.

Jewelry Styles

Jewelry Styles


Antique-style adornments highlight lavish and vintage embellishing impacts, similar to radiance and clear settings, complicated side precious stones, and milgrain beaded accents. 


Classic adornments are very much preferred and hold an immortal intrigue. It speaks to conventional structures like a prong setting, solitaire or three-stone plans and roll highlights. 


Modern jewelry highlights smooth and inventive settings with one of a kind style. Structures may incorporate channel, strain, bezel or flush settings, open shanks or strong stone mountings. 


Artisan made gems conveys a wonderful mix of metals with uncommon and outlandish gemstones. Every unique, high-quality piece is stand-out creation, made with outstanding craftsmanship.


Turkish Jewelry has its very own style and often made with sparkling gemstones like Agate, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye. Likewise, the shade of metal will never sparkle to such an extent. 

To show drawing subtleties utilized dark rhodium plating to show subtleties. This sort of dimness additionally will give a genuine look on gems which is a must for exemplary adornments style. 

Most well-known stones are Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire for Women’s Turkish Jewelry. Men’s Turkish Jewelry are Aqeeq (Agate), Ferooza (Turquoise) and Tiger’s Eye stones. 

There are no such a great amount of alternatives for Men’s Jewelry Collection in Turkish Jewelry since gems culture of Ottomans. So on the off chance that you are searching for Really Classic Style Rings for Men, Turkish Men Rings will be your first decision.

Best of Turkisch Jewelry

Best of Turkish Jewelry

The second Turkish Men Jewelry is Tasbeeh, which made by 33 or 99 globules. It is additionally referred to by different societies as Worry Beads, Rosary, Prayer Beads and so forth. 

On this sort gems’ most well-known gemstone is Amber which is an extremely constrained amount around the world. And furthermore stone quality will be better time by time. 

Tasbih is a standout amongst another blend with your rings because they two convey close by. Likewise, it isn’t utilized for supplicating just it is additionally a great toy for men to occupied hands. If you accept gemstones control it is contacting your skin by hands when you are playing.

Turkish Jewellers and their history


Traditional pieces of clothing and luxury present calculable insights concerning the operations of the general public. Articles of clothing point out whether social orders are settled or migrant, and are a supply of insights regarding memorable events and ethnological roots.

For example, in Yörük or Turkoman towns, one can illuminate whether a young lady is locked in, wedded or a widow from the most ideal path through which she does her hair. 

From the soonest occurrences, articles of clothing worn inside a clan would layout a person’s social standing. More prominent than a commitment, this was a comprehension carried on by custom. 

Every day, work and uncommon event articles of clothing are entirely unexpected. Hair types all through marriage and after the wedding chamber contrast. In business sectors, it’s clear to figure out which town people live in essentially from their articles of clothing. 

Quickly in Anatolia, there are varieties even between the garments worn in various neighborhoods of the indistinguishable town. It’s because of this reality unwise for the work of art students of history, humanist, individuals move arranger or fashioner to talk with regards to “Ordinary Turkish ensemble.

Hip twirling might be extremely normal in Turkey. It’s an exceptionally obsolete work of art kind in any case adored by Turks everything being equal and ages. It could be the relative of verifiable Anatolian ripeness moves.

 Stomach move outfits out there inside the Grand Bazaar incorporate headscarf, Turkish/Arabic vest, enhanced bra, separate sleeves, hipband, and circle skirt. Garments are truly decorated with impersonation money. 

Together with weaving used in regular ensembles, gems can likewise be commonly utilized as an assistant. The possibility of the hostile stare is across the board, and one can watch numerous talismans to ward it off in people groups’ articles of clothing and hair. 

The majority of the civic establishments which have existed in Anatolia have created innovative works that included profitable or semi-valuable stones and steel. Turkoman adornment is a brilliant occasion of legitimate methodologies that had been conveyed to Anatolia by the Seljuks. Inside the Ottoman interim, gems picked up criticalness in parallel to the occasion of the domain.

The Art of Jewelry in the Ottoman

The Art of Jewelry in the Ottoman

The court docket data relationship from 1526 points out that there have been 90 adornments artisans inside the administration of the Sultan.

The craftsmanship of Ottoman adornments making arrived at its crest inside the sixteenth century, with gold and loved stones used not exclusively to wearable gems but rather notwithstanding articles of all the time questions likened to book covers, utensils, weapons, etc. using a considerable amount of provisions likened to cowhide based, ivory, glass, bone, mother-of-pearl, horn, wooden and metals much the same as zinc. 

Footrest adornments should have been luxurious and seriously dynamic. Gem specialists utilized a considerable amount of metals to style a lump of bijou, which is the essential differentiation from European adornments the spot the indistinguishable metallic is rehashed. 

One other capacity of Ottoman gems is that as a substitute of exacting evenness, the character of the stone and metallic are given unmistakable quality. As a representation, the unadulterated qualities of a ruby and emerald reflect the Ottoman capacity of bijou. Adornments were created inside the royal residence or in workshops somewhere else. 

Footstool adornments were planned using unadulterated themes that reflected the overall tastes. Since the assortments of stones and the mines raised through the development of the Empire, gems assembling raised moreover.

From the eighteenth century onwards, Western propensities prompted a misrepresented upgrade inside the estimation of bijou. 

Aigrettes have been utilized each by the Sultan and remarkable young ladies of the Harem. It was the picture of vitality because of its structure and look. It’s perceived that Sultans gave the dear aigrettes as presents or as honors to sure individuals. Jeweled aigrettes moreover upgraded the heads of steeds all through equestrian functions. 

They pulled in thought with their simple botanical or drop structures and reflected the splendor of the dear jewels on them. In later spans, the aigrettes have been huge.

In representations the sultans ordinarily wore one aigrette anyway normally they wore three. Young ladies wore a few aigrettes anyway regularly they put one on their temples and one other on the again of their head. 

Pins have been fundamental things of bijou in young ladies’ head adornments. These adornments have been stuck to peaks or put straight on the hair or regularly they have been put on the pins of clothing. 

The “Titrek” or “Zenberekli” are average Ottoman pins that dangle with each move of the physical make-up. Themes from nature such because the tulip, rose, violet, flower bunch, fowl, butterfly, and honey bee are to a great extent used in this kind of adornments. Adornments with bloom themes were utilized on the hair. 

Studs have been comprehensively utilized for a long time. They’ve numerous shapes from little pearl drops to extensive dangling ones. They have a fundamental spot in Turkish adornments because they accentuated the extraordinary thing about the haircut and outfit of Ottoman young ladies. 

Studs are ordered as per how they dangle: the twofold dangling ones incorporate three drops known as the “üç ayakli”, (three toes). 

The direct gold bangles aren’t exclusively considered to be gems anyway are obtained as financing to be changed into cash by their home proprietors each time needed. The women of the Ottoman Palace bought these wrist trinkets rarely. 

There are various types of wrist trinkets that young ladies supported such because of the wound sort. Seal rings encrusted with loved pearls like rubies, emeralds and semi-valuable germs like carnelian, amethyst and jade have been supported by Ottoman young ladies. 

They wore them on various fingers. Solitaires and rose framed jewel rings and ‘divanhane çivisi’ which has another precious stone layer over the rose-shaped ring are Ottoman ring sorts. The “Dinahane Çivisi” theme is molded by consistent lines of jewels cycle one enormous precious stone on the high. 

This structure was used in wrist trinkets and pieces of jewelry. It was used in silver and gold rings, as well. They’re delineated inside crafted by the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth century understood painters Konstantin Kapidagli and Antoine de Favray. 

Chokers and extensive accessories have been used by Ottoman young ladies. Gold money has been hung on extensive gold or silver chains or a pearl necklace. Such neckbands have been worn by affluent young ladies. 

The eighteenth-century British Ambassador in Istanbul composed that Hafize Sultan, the life partner of Sultan Mustafa II, wore a pearl necklace right down to her knees with a jewel as gigantic as a turkey egg and two series of emeralds. 

The jeweled brilliant, silver, precious stone, mother-of-pearl or ivory belts have been the significant hardware of the Ottoman young lady. Belt clasps with botanical or geometric themes adorned with precious stones, rubies, turquoise, and emeralds have been regularly worn on the midsection and various events over the hips.

Where to Buy High-Quality Turkish Jewelry

Where to Buy High-Quality Turkish Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the special and successful sectors in Turkey. Today most of the people searching and using especially Turkish Jewelry because of the unique design. Also, Turkish Jewelry can be found at Amazon or other marketplaces as the separated section. 

At Antalya, Alanya, Side, Kemer Kusadasi, Marmaris and Istanbul, you can find special, unique designer shops and manufacturies for Turkish Jewelry as well as you can find lots of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies at there. 

It may be the same style but if you want a unique one we can suggest you handmade Turkish Jewelry instead of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies designs. Because these products generally made with machines. Otherwise, it couldn’t sell at wholesale.

Evil Eye is one of the most popular amulets for Turkish Jewelry. You can find lots of evil eye Turkish Jewelry which include blue, white sometimes yellow stones. Turkish Jewelry Evil Eye uses as protection from negative energy and bad eyes on you.

Gold shops in Antalya and Istanbul

If you are looking for High-Quality Turkish Jewelry we can suggest you choose handmade jewels from Turkey. Turkish jewelers like to use gemstones on jewels. Well experienced Turkish Jewellers also experts as gemstones. So they can identify real and fake stones. Because most famous style is Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish jewels.

Turkish Bridal Jewelry is one of the other styles however because of Turkish Stone Jewelry famous they can be used as bridal jewelry. Most people choose Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish Bridal Jewelry for their weddings.

It generally depends on what you are looking for. If you want high-quality Turkish Jewelry you should go to the famous Turkish Jewellers’ handmade products and catalogs. Thanks to our worldwide customers and well-experienced jewelers Boutique Ottoman is the most famous Turkish Silver Jewelry brand worldwide for Handmade and gemstone products.


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  1. Posted by Njomza Shefkiu| 12.01.2024|


    i'm from Kosovo i want to know if you have any proposal for me for artificial jewllery seller on Turkey i will attach some photos of products that im interested(docy chain, body jewllery, chain for belt)

  2. Posted by Jonas Kstein| 07.09.2023|

    Buying Jewellery in Turkey

    While jewelry is not my cup of tea at all, I think I know that the following gems are the most commonly marketed (and many are mined locally in Turkey):
    - Corundum varieties (blue sapphire, red ruby)
    - Beryl (emerald)
    - Diamond (although I think it is all imported)
    - Rock quartz (local)
    - Agate (local and remarkable quality)
    - Chalcedony (the blue variety being the most unique to Turkey, but also remarkable carnelian is found)
    - Opal (local, very good quality)
    - Zultanite (a “color changing gem”, locally mined)- Amber (although artificial amber is also produced locally if I am not mistaken)
    and let us not forget...
    Turquoise (a traditional import from Afganistan).
    There may be others, it's been ages since my last mineralogy exam :-)

    Also, as previously stated by Globe and Blue, if you spend a few days in one place they can make you specific prices. We did this and I believe the delivery time was 24-48 hours.

    PS: while you can be sure the merchant always makes a handsome profit, the purchase price - if negotiated properly, tooth and claw, Bazaar style - can be very good due mainly to low local labor cost.

  3. Posted by Hilaria R.| 07.09.2023|

    Buying gems or jewellery in Istanbul

    I have bought some jewellery in Istanbul( mainly opals-my favourite) and Yes you can get a very individual pieces made in very quick time.You do need to look carefully at designs and craftmanship -all good (if a little over the top for british buyers-personally speaking!)Also if you have anything of your own design-bring picture and they will do it.I feel very honoured that I had a diamond ring made special and I wore it for day before paying for it-trust!! goes along way.Maybe you should check prices-as gold has increased-go up on stations like QVC that you have in US-like we have in Britain and see what they are selling for!I also agree that if no-one gives business card dont go back!
  4. Posted by Johanna| 26.05.2023|

    Ich fand diesen Blog-Post über die Geschichte von Schmuck wirklich interessant. Also, Ich suche immer nach Möglichkeiten, das Leben meiner Lieblingsstücke zu verlängern. Haben Sie Empfehlungen, wie man verschiedene Arten von Schmuck richtig aufbewahrt und reinigt?

  5. Posted by Ingo| 19.05.2023|

    Ich möchte zum Goldkauf in der Türkei einiges hinzufügen. 

    Vor allen Dingen ist Goldkauf eine Frage des Vertrauens und der Zeit. Entweder hat man Vertaruen in die Marke, dem Vermittler, seiner eigenen Intuition oder demjenigen, die/der uns dieses Geschäft weiterempfohlen hat. Zu all diesem gehört auch ein gewisses Mass an Kenntnis, die man sich über verschiedene Ressourcen aneignen kann. Also man sollte sich nicht vollkommen blauäugig und ahnungslos in ein solches Geschäft begeben. 

    Zeit ist ein weiterer wichtiger Punkt, den man in anbetracht ziehen muss. Schliesslich handelt es sich nicht um ein T-shirt oder eine Tüte Türkischen Honig, den man beim vorbeigehen so einfach schnell kauft. So schön die Produkte auch sein mögen. Nehmen Sie sich Zeit für eine ausführliche Beratung und lassen Sie sich nicht überreden, sondern überzeugen.

    • Replied by Monika Rohrbach | 08.12.2023

      Wir haben im Februar Schmuck im Wert von 12.500.00 € gekauft,zu Hause haben wir den Schmuck schätzen lassen und festgestellt das er nur ca. Die Hälfte Wert ist was meinen Sie kann man da was machen

    • Replied by Mehmet| 15.12.2023

      Hallo Monika, Kannst Du mir bitte die Details zu Deinem Kauf an diese info@travelassistant24.com Addresse schicken?

  6. Posted by Andreas| 08.04.2023|

    Hallo Zusammen,

    wir fliegen im Mai nach Sarigerme, Dalaman. Kennt dort jemand einen seriösen Juwelier, wo man Ringe kaufen kann?

    Vielen Dank im Voraus!!

  7. Posted by Thea| 28.03.2023|

    Hello, I came to Alanya on holiday and I want to buy a watch for my husband. How can I check the authenticity of the watch if I am considering buying it? Since it is my first time, looking for a reliable place to shop also. Can you help?

    • Replied by Admin| 28.03.2023

      Hello Thea,

      You can reach our business partners from the link here. You can make your reservation from our partners page or call us. You can browse the guide assigned to you with your booking number on the homepage and create a reservation through our guide. After you create a reservation and set the store you want to go to, the sales consultants will help you when you ask for certificates of authenticity for the relevant products. The products sold by our partners are authentic and certified.

      Enjoy your vacation!

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