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How to find the best street food restaurants in Istanbul and Antalya?

How to find the best street food restaurants in Istanbul and Antalya?

How to find the best street food restaurants in Istanbul and Antalya?

Are you looking for the best street food restaurants in Istanbul or Antalya?

Are you traveling in a foreign country and want to eat the street food that the locals eat?

It goes without saying that the basic requirements of everyone are cleanliness, tasty cuisine, friendly service and reasonable prices. But where and how do I find these street food restaurants that meet your requirements?

That is the crucial question. Anyone who goes on their own search knows how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right fast food restaurant.

The most common method is to use your smartphone to search the search engines for the closest and most recommended restaurant with the desired cuisine. Here they are overwhelmed with dozens of restaurants. Then you look at the reviews. Many people ask themselves the legitimate question of how old and objective the ratings and comments are. The fact is that many feel torn by the high number of comments and ratings.

turkish breakfast best food in istanbul

Another method would be to follow your nose with a bit of gut feeling. This is more for independent travelers with a spirit of discovery and a lot of time. A city is best explored on foot. This is the best way to discover the alleys, streets and squares where only locals hang out. And if you are specifically looking for a good restaurant with a cuisine that is not adapted to tourists, you will certainly find it here. And here are some tips on how to greatly increase the chance of finding a really good restaurant:

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  • An important feature of a good restaurant is that there are many locals or regulars there. You can usually see that at first glance. It's the same as at home. There are regulars only in the good restaurants. Locals in particular will only eat once in a bad restaurant and then usually never again.
  • Restaurants that have to address passers-by directly on the street (sometimes very vehemently, with specially hired advertisers) are usually a very bad choice. There's a reason guests don't come by themselves.
  • Most of the time, good restaurants with reasonable prices are not found directly on the streets and squares where mostly tourists are. In my experience, the restaurants with better quality and also better prices are usually two or three streets away from the hustle and bustle. Unless you want to mingle with the beautiful and the rich of the local scene and are willing to pay multiple times over for the same dish.

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If you're the type of person who prefers to ask an insider directly, or if you want to enjoy an authentic gourmet experience in Istanbul while getting to know this fascinating city with its overwhelming variety and in your limited time, then I can recommend you our enthusiasts and cultural experts; a team of professional tour guides from "Yummy Istanbul" who are incredibly proud to share their knowledge of Istanbul and Turkey with you.

Unique and local restaurants
Discover the true local cuisine in Istanbul with our Street Food Tours

Family recipes
We visit off-the-beaten-path locales that have been perfected by passing their knowledge down to family members for generations.

Large selection of dishes
On your Istanbul Food Tour, you will experience delicious local delicacies like Katmer, Turkish Ice Cream, Classic Turkish Kebabs, Turkish Coffee, Turkish Street Food, Turkish Pizza, Turkish Delights and more.

The most delicious Turkish food
Our Istanbul food walking tours will give you a deeper appreciation of this great city as we taste the fabulous Turkish foods and stroll the lively streets where the locals eat and shop.

Guided tours in small groups
Forget big tour groups or coaches; Discover Istanbul on foot in a small group to delve into the heart of our vibrant food culture.

Suitable for everyone
Our culinary tour of the city's delicious streets is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

From the eyes of an insider
You'll get an insider's look at the history, culture, and architecture that have characterized Istanbul and Turkish culture for centuries.

Feel the pulse of the city
If you embark on a culinary tour of Istanbul with Yummy Istanbul, you will not only see the city, you will also feel its heartbeat.

Discover Istanbul's #1 most popular food tour. Book your Istanbul Food Tour today to complete your Istanbul vacation and let us help you take delicious memories home.

You can find out more about the street food tours in Istanbul here "Yummyistanbul".

The organizer for food tours in Antalya region is Meeting Point Turkey. Information about the partners and food tours can be found here.


  1. Posted by Tobiasz K| 28.05.2023|

    Is it true that chicken meat is really used in tavukgogus (hope I have spelled it correctly!) dessert or is this just a way of saying? Do I have a chance of finding a restaurant that makes this dessert on a street food tour in Istanbul? I would like to try different flavors like this.

    • Replied by Admin| 02.04.2023

      Hello Tobiasz,

      Yes, tavukgogsu (it means chicken breast literally) dessert is really made with chicken breast, albeit with a small amount. On street food tours, you are likely to come across this dessert. We think you should not miss your chance to try this dessert in the restaurants to be visited. After purchasing the street food tour, you can contact your guide and request this and they will be happy to assist you.

  2. Posted by Renate Viersen| 29.04.2023|

    Wir haben solch einen Ausflug mit dem einheimischen Reiseleiter Huseyin gemacht. Den hatte uns unser Rezeptionist arrangiert. Es war ein super und unvergesslicher Tag. Seine Fachkenntnisse über Geschichte und die Küche waren enorm. Es schien so als würde einfach der Nase nach die Lokale abklappern, aber dies hatte seine Logik. Denn gliechzeitig erfuhren wir auch viel über die Stadt und seine Vergangenheit. Für Typen, die sich lieber auf das Wissen von Einheimsche stützen, kann ich solch eine geführte Gourmet Tour nur empfehlen.

  3. Posted by Aakifah| 25.04.2023|

    Istanbul is so big and has so many places to visit that we did not know how to use the limited time in the most efficient way. That is why we attended such a food tour in Istanbul by following the recommendation of the receptionist of our hotel.

    I would definitely recommend. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

    All the restaurants we visited were great, but the Bukhara restaurant was the one we liked the most. They were cooking kebabs on the barbecue right in front of our eyes. It appealed to both the eyes and the palate.

  4. Posted by Waiter2000| 25.04.2023|

    Die weltberühmte türkische Küche ist so viel mehr als nur Kebap und Döner. Anatolien und Istanbul sind ein Schmelztiegel der Kulturen wobei das türkische Essen diese vielen Einflüsse widerspiegelt. Egal, ob du Fleisch, Fisch oder einfach nur Gemüse liebst, die Auswahl ist riesig. Ich liebe diese Küche.

  5. Posted by Racoon_guy| 24.04.2023|

    see ya next year dudes. I will definitely take part in such a street food tour in Istanbul. my mouth is already watering yummy yummy :)

  6. Posted by Greiss67| 24.04.2023|

    An einer geführten Gourmet Tour, oder wie man heutzutage so schön sagt "Street Food Tour", hatte ich in Lissabon teilgenommen. Zwei Tage lang haben wir die Stadt, in der ich zum ersten mal war, erkundet und gleichzeitig die einheimischen Geschmäcker gekostet. Da meine Frau es eher mag, unabhängig und mit einem Merian in der Hand die Stadt zu erkundschaften,  war meine Frau damals skeptisch, als ich ihr das Angebot machte bei einer geführten City und Gourmet Tour teilzunehmen. In zwei Tagen hatten wir reichlich viel über die Stadt und die Esskultur in Lissabon erfahren. Zum Schluss war meine Frau auch sehr begeistert. Anschliessend blieb uns genügend Zeit, per Merian Handbuch die Stadt auf eigene Faust nochmals zu erkunden.

  7. Posted by WÓJCIK| 11.04.2023|

    When Turkey is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Kebab or traditional Middle Eastern dishes. But it should be reminded that Turkey, and especially Istanbul, is the place where all the cuisines of both the Middle East and Eastern Europe are blended.

    In addition, I must say that there are countless restaurants in Istanbul that perform the best of world cuisine. If we count the hamburger from the world cuisine, for example, Homeburger (I did not know if we are allowed to name it here :) , I can definitely recommend it.

    We went to Bebek branch with friends, on recommendation and it is really nice and delicious. We were very satisfied, we ate the Combo burger and the French burger, it was great... I definitely recommend you to stop by Homeburger and try the burger, choose the freshly fried home fries with garlic parmesan cheese, it is very delicious.

    Pozdrowienia z Białegostoku :)

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