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Finally being allowed to smoke everywhere like a Turk

Finally being allowed to smoke everywhere like a Turk

Finally being allowed to smoke everywhere like a Turk

Finally being allowed to smoke everywhere like a Turk

I derived this headline from the Italian saying "Smoking like a Turk" that dates back to the 17th century.

From a time when the Ottoman Empire was ruled by Sultan Murad IV. Sultan Murad IV was a ruler who strictly prohibited smoking and drinking coffee. He considered them dangerous drugs and outlawed their use under penalty of death. He was a much hated ruler.

When he died, smoking and coffee were resumed in large numbers by the population.

News of this spread throughout the Italian peninsula, which at the time had intense exchanges and trade with the Ottoman Empire, mainly through Venice and the south.

Also, during the tobacco ban, the only Turks who could smoke freely were sailors and merchants traveling abroad, so they probably caught up on what they couldn't do at home. When they arrived in Venice, smoking was probably the very first thing they did in town, even before going to the brothels.

The old with a new look

In the tourist resorts in Turkey there is a shisha shop on almost every street corner.
A little tip by the way; Please don't call the water pipe Shisha but Nargile.
In Turkey, the shisha (water pipe) is called Nargile and is one of the traditional symbols of Turkey's ancient Ottoman past.
The sellers know what Shisha means, but they still enjoy hearing the real name.

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How to properly smoke a Shisha (Nargile)?

You can have the Nargile filled with a wide variety of tobacco flavors. There are now an infinite number of flavors to choose from. Everything is possible, from melon to strawberry flavor and chocolate.
The tobacco selection determines the taste and intensity of the smoke. There is no need to worry about the smoke from the Nargile. It is well filtered through the water. Even if you're not a smoker yourself, you can still take a deep hit of the Nargile without having to cough.
With shisha, it's not just the tobacco that matters, but also the real shisha feeling. All you need is a comfortable upholstered seat and a good Turkish tea or coffee.

How and where do I get my Shisha (Nargile)?

Besides the shisha shops in the area or in the hotels, I can't help but mention a young and innovative person named Burak. A person who was the very first to set up a delivery service for shisha under the name "Holidayhookah" and thus gave all shisha fans the opportunity to smoke a shisha in the hotel room, on the balcony, on the beach, at the pool anywhere , where you like it.
With the "Holiday Hookah" or as I call it "Shisha2go", Burak has created something very innovative and useful.
As you can already guess from the product name, it is a portable hookah set with everything you need for smoking a pipe.

Included in the suitcase are:

  • a whistle including bowl
  • Hose
  • mouthpiece
  • head gasket
  • Phunnel (18g)
  • HMD
  • Tweezers Pliers
  • fork/stick
  • 14x 18g tobacco from Revoshi, suitable for 14 bowls
  • 42x coal cubes, suitable for 14 heads, 3 coals per head
  • 1x gas lighter incl. 1x cartridge, suitable for 14 heads
  • 14x disposable hygienic mouthpieces

hookah, shisha, smoking, nargile, smoke

Why rent Holidayhookah?

  • You can leave your valuable pipe equipment at home,
  • save you the hassle of luggage,
  • You can use your baggage allowance on the flight for other purposes,
  • Don't run the risk of damaging your equipment and save yourself any further headaches!
  • You don't pay 20 € for the lifestyle to smoke your pipe relaxed on the beach or by the pool, but a fair price of an average of 7.50 € per head, so you can save a lot of money and even smoke good quality heads!
  • You are not dependent on anyone, you can build your own bowls and decide freely where, when, how and what you want to smoke at any time.

What is the general procedure?

  • You get the suitcase delivered to your hotel. The regular rental period is at least one week and can be extended on request. At the end of the rental period, the suitcase will be picked up by the hotel.
  • You can usually choose from 41 Revoshi varieties and 14 flavors.

How much does the Holidayhookah case cost?

  • You pay €100 for a week with the suitcase. You can also keep the case for a longer period of time and reorder more tobacco packets, new coal and new gas cartridges.
  • Minimum purchase: 1 set consisting of: 5 new tobacco packets, 15x carbon and 1x cartridge.
  • Price of the set: 50€
  • Furthermore, a deposit of 100 € must be paid.

This HolidayHookah delivery service is available in Alanya, Side, Belek, Antalya and Kemer region.

More details about HolidayHookah you can read here.


  1. Posted by Leeman Michael| 16.04.2023|


    ist mal eine gute Idee, aber ist es denn erlaubt so eine angemietete Shisha von draussen ins Hotel zu holen, wenn innerhalb des Hotels die Möglichkeit auch geboten ist?

    Lg Michi

    • Replied by Burak Doğru| 16.04.2023

      Lieber Michi,

      Danke für Deine Interesse an unserem Produkt!

      Es wird nirgends darauf hingewiesen, dass es verboten sei, eine eigene  Wasserpfeife mit ins Hotel zu bringen. In den letzten Jahren konnten wir viele Gäste beobachten, die Ihre eigene Wasserpfeife mitbringen und diese im Hotel nutzen konnten.

      In der abgelaufenden Saison haben wir dbzgl. auch keine negativen Rückmeldungen von unseren Kunden erhalten.

      LG Burak

    • Replied by Leeman Michael| 16.04.2023

      Danke Burak. Habe letzten Sommer in Side Urlaub gemacht. Da gab es reichlich Möglichkeiten sowohl im und ausserhalb des Hotels an Shishas ranzu kommen. Wobei einem erzählt wird, dass das Shisha rauchen in der Öffentlichkeit verboten ist :))) Die Preise sind ungefähr so wie du sie beschrieben hast. Da ist deine Variante viel günstiger.

      Nächstes Jahr planen wir wieder ins selbe Hotel Side Kumkoy Beach zu kommen. Hast du auch einen Lieferdienst hierher?

    • Replied by Burak Dogru| 16.04.2023

      tatsächlich gibt es einige Möglichkeiten Wasserpfeifen in und um den Hotelanlagen herum zu rauchen. 

      seit der Pandemie ist es jedoch per gesetzt verboten Wasserpfeifen in den Hotels und den Shishabars zu verkaufen. Es hält sich jedoch fast keiner an diese Regelung.

      Unser Produkt und unsere Dienstleistung umgeht diese Regelung. Denn das gesamte Setup wird an eine Person und auf eine längere Zeitspanne verliehen. Der Schlauch z.B. wird nach jeder Rückgabe entsorgt, sodass der nächste Kunde ein neues und entsprechend nagelneues Schlauch erhält. So gewährleisten wir einen höheren Hygienestandard.

      Unser Produkt wird derzeit von Kemer bis nach Alanya geliefert, gerne können wir auch eine angenehme Übergabe am Flughafen planen.

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